Playing media content saved on your device

Last Update date : May 19. 2021

Within this guide, you will learn how to play media content saved on storage devices, such as USB devices, mobile devices, and cameras on the projector.

Press the House icon Home button on your remote and then navigate to Box with arrow on left side. Source then select Connection Device.

You can use the following functions on the media content list screen of a storage device.

1 Filter By: Filters the media content by type of media.
2 Sort By: Sorts the content list by Title, Date or Channel. This function may not be supported depending on the type of external device.
3 Options: Deletes or plays the selected media content in the media content list. When you select Refresh, the content list is reloaded.


  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.
  • You cannot play media content if the content or the storage device is not supported by the Projector.
  • Backup important files before connecting a USB device. Samsung is not responsible for damaged or lost files.
Play multimedia on a PC or mobile device

Step 1. Press the Home button on your remote. and then navigate to and select Source

Step 2. The screen will display the media content list.

Step 3.  Select any of the items that you wish to play on the screen.


  • The content may not be played depending on the encoding method or file format. Furthermore, several functions may be restricted.
  • Content on devices connected to the projector via your network may not play smoothly due to network communication problems. If this occurs, use a USB device. 
Play multimedia on a USB device

Step 1. Connect a USB device to the USB port.

Step 2. When a pop-up message appears on the screen, select Browse to easily move to the list of multimedia content stored on the device. 

Note: If a USB device that contains the content you want to play is already connected to the projector,  select the USB device, press the Home button on your remote in the Source screen.

Step 3. Select a content item to play from the list. 

Tune Station (MusicTV) functions

Tune Station is an all-purpose dashboard to simplify the entire musical experience when the user wants to play a music file from a USB source. It provides features to users like themes, concert mode control, external speakers indicator - all from a single display interface. 

Note: This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area. 

Tune Station Registration

Step 1. Search "Tune Station" from App Search and install Tune Station Launcher.

Step 2. After Install, add to home. Now Tune Station App Icon will show on Home Screen.

When you select the Tune Station App icon in Home Screen, the app will be launched in full screen and all Music files will be loaded, if USB is attached to projector.

Launching Tune Station 

You can launch Tune Station in the following ways:

  • Select Music files on a USB storage device or hard disk drive attached to the projector. On clicking Music File Tune Station App will be launched.
  • You can manually launch Tune Station from Home Screen. On launch, it shows Music files if the USB storage device is attached to the projector.
  • On clicking any recently played songs from Home Screen, Tune Station App will be launched. 
Listen to phone sound through projector speaker

Step 1. Search for and connect to your Projector from the Bluetooth device list on your mobile device.

Step 2. Select media content to play on your mobile device. 


  • If the projector and the soundbar are connected wirelessly, the operation may be restricted.
  • This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area.
Buttons and functions available

Press the Select button while playing any video, photo, or recorded content. The following buttons appear. 


  • The provided buttons and functions may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area.
  • The available buttons and functions may differ with the content you are viewing or playing.

  • Pause / Play: Pauses or plays the multimedia content.

  • Jump Backward / Jump Forward:  Press the up directional button to move the focus to the playback control bar, and then select the left or right directional button in the playback control bar to move backward or forward by 10 seconds in the video.

  • Move to a specific playback section, move up the focus on the playback bar, and then select one of the five thumbnails. 

  • Stop: Stop the contents being played.

  • Previous / Next: Displays the previous or the next multimedia content file. 

  • Rewind / Fast Forward: To increase the rewind or fast forward speed up to 3 times faster than normal, select the button repeatedly. To return to normal speed, select the option or press the button. You can use the following functions when the video is paused. Note that with the video paused, the projector does not play audio.

  • Slow Rewind or Slow Forward: This allows you to play a video slowly backward or forward by selecting the or option. There are 3 playback speeds. To change the playback speed, press the option repeatedly. To return to normal speed, select the option or press the button. 

  • Repeat: Plays the current multimedia content repeatedly or all multimedia content files in the same folder repeatedly. 

  • Shuffle: Plays music files in random order.

  • Picture Off: Plays music files with the screen off. 

  • Fit to Screen: Fits a photo to the screen.

  • Rotate left / Rotate right: Rotates a photo left or right. 

  • Zoom: Zooms in a photo.

  • Background Music: Pauses or resumes the background music while the projector displays photos. This function is available after enabling the Background Music option. 

  • Options: See the below table. The available options may differ with the model and content.




Slideshow Speed

Sets the slideshow speed. If there is only one image fie in the USB device, the slide show will not be played

Slideshow Effect

Applies transition effects to the slide show. If there is only one image file in the USB device, the slide show will not be played.

Background Music

Plays background music as you set in the pop-up window while the projector displays photos. The music files must be saved in the same USB device as the photo files.


You can set the detailed subtitle options such as the language, sync, size and color. If subtitles are not displayed correctly, check the encoding setting.


Rotates the video.

Audio Language

Changes the audio language. This function is only available if the video supports multi-track sound.


Displays detailed information about the current multimedia content.

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