What to do when the TV screen does not display properly

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

If your TV screen does not display properly, watch this video for more details and instructions to find the best solution for you!

Step 1. Check the antenna and input cable connections.

Step 2. If the issue persists, define exactly what is wrong with the display. For example, mosaic and blocks, multiple lines, or white dots. Try changing the channel using the remote control. Or, press the Menu button on the remote control, select Source and choose another input source.

Step 3. If the same problem persists, run a diagnostic test. These steps may help resolve the problem. 

1. Open Settings, and select Support.

2. Select  Self Diagnosis. Note: On some models, select Device Care and then select Self Diagnosis.

3. Select Start Picture Test. You will now be taken through a series of picture tests.

4. Confirm Yes or No to confirm whether the problem is visible and to continue to the next test. Look at the screen for any problems, and use the on-screen instructions to complete the picture test.


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