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How HDR Changes
The Way You Game

Vanquish screen lag and your enemies while gaming at home.

A man and women are playing a game on Samsung Smart TV.

Gaming is at the top of the list of fun things to do at home. But imagine, you’re on the verge of conquering a virtual world when all of a sudden your screen starts to lag. And you’re straining your eyes to see what’s lurking in the dark. When playing games, technology makes all the difference. The right gaming TV can transport you from the couch to another realm. From hardware to software, here’s how Samsung's HDR TVs give you a truly immersive gaming experience and keep your head in the game.

A scene from a FPS game. A soldier is about to shooting gun to target. QLED TV helps you get immersed in the shooting game. It looks real and dynamic.

Clear, vivid images so you don’t miss friend or foe

Disappear into the graphics of your favorite game with true-to-life images. HDR TVs deliver a broad range of realistic color and contrast, so that each scene springs to life. Gaming is all the more exciting with crisp details clearly visible, even in dark shadows. But it’s not just about awesome color. See more of the action at once on the large, slim-bezeled screen, so you don’t overlook anything—or more importantly, anyone.

A video game controller shooting controller action symbols at a QLED TV mounted on the wall

A TV that keeps up with the game

Bring out the best of your gameplay with a gaming TV that performs on your level. Catch subtle, obscure movements, so you can respond quickly with instinctive reflexes. Thanks to the incredibly low input lag and ultra-fast motion rate, every action feels smooth and natural, down to the last detail. Now you can find the precise timing necessary to triumph over your enemies.

One connect box easily connects your multiple devices. No matter how many devices are connected to the TV, you can simply control them with One Remote Control.

One easy, convenient connection

Don’t let complicated connections delay your play. The One Connect Box is a clean, straightforward way to hook all your consoles up at once to your Smart TV. The Auto Detection feature recognizes connected consoles, so you can easily control them with One Remote Control. So pick your next adventure on your console of choice and dive in with the touch of a button.

Experience every game
as it was intended

Stacked tiles with each tile featuring various Steam games, including Rocket League®, Pro Cycling Manager 2018, Portal 2, and Trackmania² Lagoon.

Play your favorite online games on the big screen with incredible clarity. With Samsung Smart TVs, you can see any game in stunning detail and vibrant color. Enter into sensational settings and jaw-dropping graphics of games like Red Dead Redemption 2 through a quality display.
Plus, special gaming features co-developed with Xbox give you unbeatable gaming performance for an unforgettable experience.*

The input lag of two TV screens are compared side-by-side. The left is labeled ‘high input lag’ and the right is labeled ‘low input lag.’ The 2020 QLED TV on the right shows less delay while moving through the game. It also has clearer picture quality.
To illustrate QLED TV's Low Input-lag and Freesyncfeature, two identical in-game sequences are shown together. The user walks through ancient ruins while attempting to eliminate the necessary targets. In the “high input lag” sequence, the user misses their target due to the delayed response time. In the “low input lag” sequence, the user hits their target due to a more precise response time and smoother picture quality.

Enveloping you in a whole new world

By bringing together the highest resolutions (4K and now 8K), HDR technology and 100% color volume, Samsung TVs transport you to wherever your next gaming adventure lies. Explore hidden realms, score big with that lightning-fast ball and take down your enemies in an epic shootout. Whenever you’re ready have some serious fun at home, play on a TV that's prepped for duty.

Ready for the next level?

Experience deep contrast, sharp detail, and seamless connectivity on another level.

2020 75" Q90R Flagship QLED 4K HDR 1500 Smart TV

2020 QLED 4K 80T

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