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Because privacy is not possible without data security.

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Data security for life

Since the start, Samsung has treated data security as a priority and never as an afterthought, investing substantially in R&D to ensure that critical information always receives utmost protection. The result is Samsung Knox: a defence-grade security platform trusted by security experts and government agencies worldwide.

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Always-on protection

Our lives revolve around our smartphones. We use them to stay in touch, take photos, shop, bank, access business records and more. They contain highly sensitive information, including the identities of our close ones, financial details, personal medical history, and even our schedules and routines.

Samsung Knox is designed to protect your data from theft and unauthorised access from the moment you turn on your device. The Knox Security Platform is built into your phone’s hardware, which means it has its own security certification. This ensures that your applications are always running on a trusted platform. Biometric authentication provides an additional layer of security by restricting data access to you alone.

Samsung S10+ in built with Knox Security

Minimising data vulnerability

Did you know that your data is vulnerable to incoming malware from open networks?

Samsung Secure Folder

Secure Folder

Any app or data stored in your Secure folder is protected by the defence-grade security of the Knox platform—in addition to being encrypted, and is made available only to you.

Samsung Knox – 24/7 Protection

24/7 Protection

The Knox security platform protects your phone against malicious attacks, including attempts to steal your data around the clock.

Samsung Knox – Biometric Authentication

Samsung Pass

Password Authentication is not as secure as Biometric Authentication, which Samsung Pass provides you with.

Multi-layered, threat-tight security

Your phone is built on multiple layers. Samsung Knox protects every single layer–from hardware to applications.

Samsung Knox – Multi-layered, Threat-tight Security
Management framework
SE for Android
Runtime protection & encryption
TrustZone architecture
Hardware Root of Trust

Knox protects applications and data by strictly defining what each process is allowed to do and what data it can access. This allows Knox to separate, encrypt, and protect your data within a managed container.

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Periodic Kernel Measurement & Real-time Kernel Protection work to constantly inspect the core software of the OS, the kernel. These checks ensure that requests to bypass device security are blocked and sensitive data is protected.

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The Knox platform leverages a processor architecture in which highly sensitive computations are isolated from the rest of the device's operations, protecting your data.

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To prevent security measures from being bypassed or compromised, Knox uses Boot-time Protections backed by Hardware Root of Trust to verify integrity of the device during the boot process.

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Knox certifications: defence-grade protection

Many organisations, networks and governments around the world trust and utilise Knox solutions. In fact, Knox, a defence-grade platform, was first conceived for enterprises and nations to protect data and strengthen end point security. As Samsung continually strives to meet and exceed the most stringent technology security requirements, you can rest assured that the data on your device is well protected.

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