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Bring Samsung DeX to your computer

Just a USB cable unlocks Samsung DeX on your computer.
Drag and drop files from device to device with no interruptions.
Get more things done using a mouse and keyboard on your PC or Mac.

Samsung DeX for PC is compatible with Windows 7 and 10 and Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) and 10.13 (High Sierra). More compatibility details on the FAQ page. Certain apps may not run or may require purchase of a separate license for use on Samsung DeX. You must install the Samsung DeX for PC app on your PC/Mac when using it for the 1st time. Samsung DeX for PC requires use with an external display. USB cable, external display and accessories including keyboard and mouse are sold separately.

Bring Samsung DeX to your computer Bring Samsung DeX to your computer

How mobility transforms your work

Banking & Finance

Many banks have adopted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and thin clients to replace traditional desktop computers. See how you can use Samsung DeX to make smartphones the primary computing device of bankers in the branch of the future.

Public Safety

Samsung DeX lets you empower your personnel to switch from a laptop experience inside their vehicle, to secure handheld data access in the field, to a desktop experience back at the workstation—without even thinking about it.


From the office to the manufacturing floor, Samsung DeX lets you connect to workstations and work on the go with one easy-to-carry device. So tasks from pulling up equipment records to checking inventory, resource planning and schematics are seamless from point A to point B.

Image Alternative Text Image Alternative Text

Transport & Logistics

Timeliness and coordination are crucial in logistics systems of businesses, so you need a device that is reliable, secure and tough enough to see it all through. Samsung ensures that you are kept updated with nothing slowing you down.

Transport & Logistics Transport & Logistics

Defense-grade security for an open world

Samsung Knox is a proprietary security platform built from the chip up for superior protection and easy manageability. Knox comes built-in on our latest Galaxy devices and keeps hackers out and your company’s data secure from the second it turns on.1

Defense-grade security for an open world Defense-grade security for an open world


Samsung partners with industry leaders to enable cloud computing & team collaboration with DeX

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1For the full list of Knox certifications, please visit samsung.com/knox.



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