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Transforming Hybrid Workplace Collaboration with the Samsung Flip Transforming Hybrid Workplace Collaboration with the Samsung Flip
Case Study

Transforming Hybrid Workplace Collaboration with the Samsung Flip

Display technology helps shared workspace company, Arcc Spaces, embrace the hybrid world of work and gain a competitive edge

Mar 31. 2022

In 2022, we have truly entered a new era of work defined by a permanent hybrid work compact between employers and their talents.


Employees are increasingly clamouring for organisations to enable them to be seamlessly productive and collaborative be it in the office, at home or anywhere in-between. Getting this new balance wrong today can even jeopardise workforce attraction and retention.


Leslie Goh, Head of Regional Display Solutions for Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania, said: “As restrictions ease and organisations welcome their workforce back into the office, there is an urgency to rethink what work and meeting spaces mean to talents.”


This means that in this new world of work, the white board or flipchart would likely be obsolete, primarily because anything written there is often not quickly or easily sharable with people not in the meeting room.


A new way to collaborate with the Samsung Flip

“In a new hybrid work world where meetings can be physical and virtual at the same time, there is a need for a more efficient and productive way to collaborate,” Goh added.


With the Samsung Flip, an interactive display that is created to reimagine productive collaboration in meetings and discussions, everyone can flexibly and easily share ideas on a seamlessly connected digital canvas, without the need for the traditional pen and paper.


Available from 55 to 85 inches in size, the Samsung Flip is as easy to scribble and jot notes on, just as on a flipchart. The key to this is a smooth pen-to-paper-like writing experience and the available interactivity of up to four users at the same time.

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The Samsung Flip can be mounted on an optional portable stand, allowing it to be easily wheeled to any ad hoc meeting location in an office. Especially so where meetings are more frequent with everyone back in the office these days. 


The large digital display also allows for impressive presentations that effectively bring a point across. Plus, the most important part of the meetings – the ideas –recorded digitally to be shared later. This is how we can elevate productivity and efficiency, while being environmentally-conscious.

Embracing a new hybrid work with Arcc Spaces

The flexibility and connectivity offered by the Samsung Flip are what inspired Arcc Spaces, a regional shared workspace provider to introduce the interactive smart signage to its clients in its flagship at One Marina Boulevard located in Singapore, which overlooks the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

Arcc Spaces adopt a human-led design philosophy in its spaces, delivering the best standards of hospitality in everything it does

“The past two years have helped shape higher expectations for hybrid work. This is not to say that physical offices such as Arcc Spaces are no longer relevant. In fact, office spaces need to matter even more in terms of experience when talents come together on face-to-face basis. Also, it is important to relook at how technologies can help bridge virtual and physical worlds,” said Ms Evelyn Chye, General Manager of Arcc Spaces Singapore.


“Arcc Spaces decided to transform the traditional pen and paper collaboration into a digital experience by selecting a product that will help clients bring ideas and discussions to life by allowing them to write, draw and share ideas through an intuitive user interface,” she added.

The Samsung Flip was installed in Arcc Spaces’ signature collaboration space called The Library, which is specially designed as an inspiring lounge-like zone for small to mid-sized group meetings (pictured above).


With tools such as a Web browser, forms, document viewer and Samsung Workspace wireless cloud service access and control of a PC, the Samsung Flip is much more than an old school whiteboard and flipchart. It also connects to network storage, e-mail, printer, Bluetooth and USB devices. In other words, the great ideas that come up during the meetings won’t just stay on the screen but get disseminated effectively to relevant stakeholders.

At Arcc Spaces, the Samsung Flip has been used to power up collaboration from brainstorming sessions and important sales presentations

The Samsung Flip’s ease of use – taking no more than 5 minutes for Arcc Spaces’ hospitality staff to acquaint new users with it – has made it very popular.


“We have certainly seen The Library being booked specifically for Samsung Flip’s usage. Ninety percent of the clients who have used The Library gave us positive feedback on the Samsung Flip,” Chye said.


A regular user of the Samsung Flip at Arcc Spaces is Mr Steven Yates, Director & CTO of Alumni Services (pictured below). He said, “We love the Samsung Flip as a virtual whiteboard, especially when doing strategic planning. We have used it when doing planning for business growth, RFP response strategy, software development feature planning and strategy, and detailed data strategies for clients. These are both unstructured meetings such as brainstorms, and more structured meetings using frameworks such as TOGAF.”

What’s equally important is the Samsung Flip’s ease of deployment and maintenance. Chye shared, “The Flip deployment process was very seamless. Installation is as simple as putting up a new TV screen. We are also impressed with its maintenance. For example, it has automatic firmware updates. It also has robust security features, including the ability to delete files regularly. We can also limit access with a 6-digit lock.”

An investment into the future

For Arcc Spaces, the Samsung Flip represents a broader digital transformation strategy to rethink the office needed for a hybrid work reality.


Goh said, “2020 and 2021 have accelerated the adoption of hyper-hybrid collaborative work modes across the world. As more meetings become hybrid, teams need a new hybrid collaboration space that can be easily shared across physical, mobile and digital channels. This is where smart digital signages such as the Samsung Flip comes in.”


Competition in the shared workspace field means that providers such as Arcc Spaces are always looking for new ways to improve their client’s experience and deliver more value.


“The industry has reached a point where technology is needed to bridge the gap between the physical office and the digital workplace, to create omni-channel office experiences, while also connecting employees in a way that is both engaging and thoughtful,” Chye added.


Ultimately, this investment has strengthened the value proposition of Arcc Spaces’ flagship centre as a premium hub for business collaboration.

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