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The latest Samsung TV CI news, tips and events.

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Volume 11




Q3 Business Update
Welcome to the latest edition of Samsung Connections!

We are so excited to get back out into the world! I know it’s been a very busy time of year and you have all been doing your best to keep up with our latest and greatest product announcements.

At Samsung, we never stop innovating our product and design and the past 18 months is no exception. In fact, I think we have outdone ourselves this time with so much new technology and design. You can expect to see our latest designs and technology at this year’s CEDIA event. I really can’t wait for you all to see how Samsung is bringing innovative product and design solutions for every room of our client’s house, inside and outside.

We have now entered into the 2nd year of our Platinum direct program. Due to the overwhelming success of the partners in 2020, this year we are adding 30% more Platinum dealers. In fact, we have had more applications to join the program than we anticipated. It’s great to see so many partners excited about the program! Remember, this is a premium program with several member benefits for those installers looking to grow their businesses, improve their profitability and partner to offer world class products and solutions. Please reach out to your area CI Manager or Rep firm to see if you qualify.

I look forward to seeing you soon as my team and I get back out on the road this summer! I can’t wait to see you, and see the amazing install projects you are driving with our Samsung products. Don’t forget to schedule some time with our Samsung team at CEDIA 2021 in Indianapolis, we’ll be there stronger than ever and excited to show off all our new products. Thank you for all of your terrific and continued support of Samsung HE products.


Jim Mayo
Executive Director, CI Sales and Strategy, Samsung Electronics.
Introducing Samsung Neo QLED
2021 is going to be a great year for Samsung as we roll out the brand new Neo series TVs. Make your customers’ homes come alive with unimaginable contrast from deep blacks to bright whites with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology with Quantum Mini LEDs. The pinnacle of ultra-fine light control.

The new Samsung Neo series has a lot of innovation packed into a remarkable line-up, ranging from 50 to 85 inches in screen size and 8K and 4K in screen resolution. Let’s break down some of the most important technologies and features so you can explain to your customers why Samsung Neo QLED delivers the most exciting visual display on the market.

Image Quality
It all starts with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology. Powered by tiny Mini LEDs, our Samsung Neo displays deliver unimaginable contrast from deep blacks to bright whites with 1.5X more lighting zones than our previous models. And let’s face it – the larger the display, the more important contrast is to unveiling hidden details.

For detailed resolution, the Samsung Neo Quantum Processors for 4K and 8K models enhance visual details, featuring advanced AI upscaling technology that produce a more detailed resolution, regardless of the image quality of the source.1

Color. A billion shades of accurate color! Nano-sized Quantum Dots deliver 100% color volume,2 even in the brightest scenes. And when you combine contrast, upscaling and color rendition with Quantum HDR, you experience the full vibrancy of every image.

The Infinity Screen and Infinity One Design is our slimmest profile yet. This minimalistic design offers new levels of immersive viewing and will complement any décor.

Not only did we slim down the overall design, but we also slimmed down the One Connect solution, so it can be completely tucked away on the back of the TV or placed neatly to the side.

And our Slim Fit Wall Mount allows you to install the display flush against the wall for a completely seamless look.

We have upgraded the sound quality and now offer Object Tracking Sound Pro on our premium line-up of TVs. Hear what happens where it happens, with sound that flows from all sides of the TV — including the center — to track the on-screen action with pinpoint accuracy for an enhanced, realistic 3D experience.

Two perfect audio features your customers will love. When ambient room noise makes the TV hard to hear, our Active Voice Amplifier enhances on-screen voices to produce clearly audible dialogue. And SpaceFit Sound technology analyzes the room environment and auto-calibrates TV sound for optimal settings. Simply turn the TV on and let SpaceFit Sound do the rest.

Selling Samsung Neo QLED
From contrast to color, design to sound, the 2021 introduction of Samsung’s Neo QLED is poised to make this year your best year selling large screen displays. From homeowners to interior designers, everyone will be impressed with the design and versatility the Samsung Neo QLED series offers.

The Samsung Neo QLED series is a game changer and represents a great opportunity as far as customer satisfaction and overall margin opportunities. Get these in front of your clients and design-build colleagues as the new Samsung Neo series hits the market.
15 Minutes with Viktor Kiss | Media Innovation
Media Innovation is Scottsdale, Arizona’s premier audio/video company, founded by Viktor Kiss in 2004. We talked with Viktor about The Terrace and his success with the product and how he explains the necessity of durability in outdoor A/V gear, as well as the importance of his design experience center.

Samsung Connections: Scottsdale has to be huge for indoor/outdoor living, right?

Viktor: Yes, that’s right. It’s not a matter of if the client is going to add entertainment to their outdoor space, it’s a matter of how much and at what cost. And I’d say that most of the time the A/V component of the outdoor space entails a TV and a sound system around the pool at a minimum. So I don’t have to sell people on that aspect.

What we do have to explain is why they need outdoor-rated products, as opposed to just specifying whatever is on sale at Best Buy. Fortunately, with Samsung’s reputation, my clients begin to understand that The Terrace is not just a TV, but a TV specifically designed for outdoor environments, especially as it pertains to dust, which is our big problem here in Scottsdale.

And probably the best thing about The Terrace is the picture. It’s bright and has great contrast. When clients see it at our show house, they immediately get it. And when we pair that with The Terrace soundbar – again, specifically designed for outdoor use – it’s a perfect match with great sound and a dynamic picture.

From a business perspective, as a Platinum dealer I’m making good margin and the service is unprecedented. I remember another outdoor TV product from a different manufacturer and when we had an issue, we had to pre-pay for them to send us a crate to box up the unit and then pay to send it back to them for warranty repair. And pay again to have it returned. I mean, that was just crazy and put the entire onus on us. So, yeah, I’m making money and get taken care of if there’s ever a warranty issue.

SC: You’ve been killing it with The Frame and 8K. How are you getting your customers so jazzed about high-end displays?

Viktor: The Frame sells itself. It’s a TV that you can suggest for places customers would never think about putting a TV. Like a dining room. No one wants a TV in the dining room, but The Frame can just be artwork and on those occasions where you want to watch something, you’ve got it right there. And 8K is just perfect for our clients who want the best and know the product will be current for more than just one season of product releases. Again, seeing is believing.

SC: That takes us back to your show house. Tell us about that investment.

Viktor: The show house is packed with tons of tech, but at the same time it is tastefully done and hidden as much as possible. I have built relationships with builders, architects and designers over 17 years and they come by regularly so they can stay up to date on the latest technologies. And I try to get every client to come by, because when you experience how technology enhances design and lifestyles, you start to really want it in your future home.

So for example, we have The Terrace mounted outside and we created a reclaimed wood backdrop for the TV and installed a fireplace. In that location we use built-in speakers and the space is welcoming and relaxing and people just get it. That’s what they want and envision for their own space.

SC: Didn’t that win our Best Install Contest from 2020?

Viktor: Yes, it did! We won for best outdoor installation in the contest that was held in conjunction with CE Pro Magazine.

SC: Final thoughts?

Viktor: As The Terrace and the rest of the lifestyle display products from Samsung continue to evolve and mature, we’ll continue to specify them in the majority of our project work. Aesthetically they are all beautifully designed and they’re all built like tanks. So it’s a product group that we can stand behind and sell with authority.
The Terrace Full Sun
Last year was an exciting year for those dealers who embraced The Terrace TV. The Terrace was in high demand as Samsung brought QLED 4K technology to the great outdoors. Well, 2021 is going to be even better as we introduce The Terrace Full Sun Outdoor QLED Smart TV. Here are the highlights when going to market:

Image Quality
Even on the sunniest days, we’ve optimized our displays with Direct-Sun Protection.* We’ve incorporated precision-controlled backlights to deliver richer blacks and brighter whites, improving overall contrast with antireflection and contrast enhancement technologies.

With Motion Rate 120 we’ve been able to minimize motion blur, because sports are a big part of outdoor TV viewing.

With 4K AI upscaling and our Quantum HDR, we’re delivering spectacularly vibrant colors that brings the action alive like never before.

Adaptive Picture Control
This is an incredible selling feature. As everyone understands, when you’re outdoors, the weather often changes throughout the day. With our Adaptive Picture Control, the intuitive Full Sun Terrace display optimizes picture settings based on lighting conditions.

Weather-Resistant Durability
The Full Sun Terrace is IP55 rated, so rain or shine, your customers can enjoy year-round outdoor entertainment knowing an IP55 rating protects against water and dust. Outdoor TVs are an investment and are quite different from standard indoor TVs. You need to explain these differences to your customers, especially when it comes to durability.

Maximize Every Sale
Get the most out of every sale when you include The Terrace Wall Mount, TV Dust Cover and the amazing The Terrace Outdoor TV Soundbar with Dolby 5.1 sound.3 This is going to be a great summer selling season, so lead with the best – The Full Sun Terrace QLED 4K TV from Samsung.

15 Minutes with Chris Papastephanou | ChrisMix
Chris Papastephanou of ChrisMix has been involved in Los Angeles studios and post-production work for over 30 years. In addition to being a sound engineer and studio designer, he is also involved in system integration and home cinema installations. We recently caught up with Chris to talk about a multi-use project he put together in Hollywood centered around The Premiere LSP9T ultra-short throw projector.

Samsung Connections: Chris, thanks for giving us a little of your time today. Tell us about the intersection of recording studio and post-production work and video installations you’ve been working on for some time.

Chris: It’s my pleasure to catch up with you. Before we begin, I should point out that the success of this install has to be shared with HD Acoustics, NM Modular Studios, AV Partners and Terranova Construction. They created the environment that made the installation of the LSP9T exceed all expectations. So here’s the funny thing about post-production work in some of the studios I have been associated with over the years – for the longest time we could mix in multi-channel surround sound up to and including Atmos, but not be able to listen to the playback because of the limitations of the actual studio itself. So long ago I began to put together surround sound theaters, including big ticket items like Barco projectors. So I have tons of experience in projectors and how you get a great image on the screen.

And the Hollywood project is just another example of listening to the client’s needs and coming up with the right solution. So while I’ve done my share of high-end video installs, most people just don’t have the space for a long throw projector and at the same time people want to be able to use their space for more than just one application. And that’s where the LSP9T came in handy.

My client wanted a big screen image in his living room – and this is in a condo, keep in mind – but at the same time he wanted to be able to host parties with a DJ and wanted the DJ in front of the filmscreen where they could project whatever images they wanted, without the DJ casting a shadow. And, ultimately, this was his living room, so he wanted everything to be discreet when he wasn’t watching the system.

I designed a motorized Stewart Filmscreen into the system because when I proposed the Samsung projector and told him we could go as big as 130 inches, he was all in. I talked with Stewart and they told me they had a unit themselves and recommended the Cabaret 130 with a 1.0 gain. I had already specified motorized Lutron Serena black-out shades, but per the client’s needs, the system could be viewed with the shades up or down, giving him maximum flexibility. Even in ambient light the LSP9T throws plenty of light for an excellent image.

One important lesson we learned is to make sure you have a path to get the screen where it needs to go. The 130 inch screen is about 14 feet long in its shipping crate which does not fit in a standard freight elevator. We had to carry the screen up seven flights of stairs, TWICE! When we got to the top of the first stairwell we couldn’t make the turn into the hallway which had us take the screen back down and up through another stairwell where we were successful.

I combined the video setup with a JBL sound system, with custom-painted speakers to match the modern white background of the space.

SC: You ceiling mounted the projector. Talk about that process.

Chris: One of the things I really like about this projector is that it is really easy to install. The manual has a measurement guide which is invaluable. You start with a recommendation of how far from the wall the projector needs to be given the screen size. Then you fine-tune from there.

Because I was mounting the projector on the ceiling, I had a custom mount fabricated by the folks at Triad Orbit where I was able to slide the projector forwards or backwards to get the perfect image size. Another great thing about this projector is that, as opposed to long-throw projectors that light up the room, an ultra-short throw projector concentrates all of its light directly on the screen, delivering outstanding contrast. This is great for everyday use even when you may be doing other daily activities

SC: I see the wheels turning, what other venues are you thinking about for this projector?

Chris: Well, certainly for studios and post-production facilities. Being able to have something appear out of nowhere and provide a large screen experience, I can see them for studios who want to add content for YouTube videos, etc. I can see this becoming the defacto standard for ADR and Foley rooms, and for Dolby Atmos Mix Stages because of its easy installation and quiet operation.

Sports bars are another no-brainer. Very discreet but when you pull down the motorized screen hidden in the ceiling, voila, you have the perfect big game set up. We are also specifying them into our home cinema modular design systems by NM Modular where we can literally design your entire theater and install in two to three days. And gaming suites are becoming really big in L.A., so the gaming community is a market ripe for this type of projector.

SC: Final thoughts?

Chris: I love this projector. It has all of the features I need and delivers a great image. Everyone I’ve shown the LSP9T to have been amazed. My Hollywood client has the ability to watch movies, bring in a DJ for parties and with the motorized screen and discrete footprint of the LSP9T he has his living room back when the system is off.

HD Acoustics

NM Modular Studios & Home Theaters

AV Partners

TerraNova Construction Southern California

The Frame 2021
“The Frame is amazing! Everyone should own a Frame TV. They work in any décor.” Heather Helms, ASID, Director of Interior Design, Srote & Co Architects.

Samsung’s The Frame continues to be a run-away best seller. And not just because it has awesome 4K picture quality, but for 2021 we’re upping our game with a minimalist-inspired, redesigned slimmer profile with a monochromatic back for beauty from every angle. It’s the modern Frame design!

Here are the key selling features – and above all, if you can put The Frame on display in your showroom or conference room, customers and designers will understand instantly how powerful a tool this TV is when you want to respect a space’s design but also want to watch TV sometimes!

Art Mode
One of the very top design features that has captured the design-build community is Art Mode where The Frame transforms to art when you’re not watching TV. Choose from the Samsung Collection or upload your own pieces that reflect your personality. And with built-in sensors, you can optimize the picture to your environment and turn the screen off when you’re away.

Customize to Your Client’s Style
Create the perfect match for the space with two styles of bezel options in multiple colorways. With our innovative magnetic application, you can apply bezels in a snap. Minimum labor time and added margin opportunities to maximize every The Frame sale.

Please note that for 2021, due to our slimmer design profile, The Frame is not backwards compatible with previous bezel models.

Image Quality
The Frame 2021 is not only an interior designer’s new BFF, but the picture is equally captivating. 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot that delivers over a billion shades of color, 4K Quantum Processing to optimize both picture and sound and our innovative 16-bit mapping technology that brings dazzling color accuracy, detail and contrast to your living room.

TV Connections and Display Options
You can opt for the One Invisible Connection, our translucent cable that delivers minimal install distractions or choose to keep the space neat and tidy with the One Connect Box.

And what better way to showcase The Frame 2021 than with the Studio Stand where you can reimagine how a TV can exist in any given space. Finally, for mounting on a stand, we’ve incorporated an adjustable height stand in case you want to slip a sound bar under the TV.

Complement Your Artwork
Interior designers like Heather Helms are blown away by The Frame because they can place this display in spaces where an ordinary TV just doesn’t work. And with Mat Canvas, you can complement the artwork on display with realistic matting options for the perfect look. Choose from five mat backgrounds in a palette of 16 colors.

Seeing is believing. Get your design-build colleagues in front of The Frame 2021 and become the go-to company when it comes to TVs and design.

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Did you know?
We’ve added tools and this year’s spec sheets to our resource center. To help make your installation process easier, we’ve also created a Samsung 2021 TV Accessory Sheet. This resource will help you navigate the changes with this year’s new line up.
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*Panel protected up to six hours in sunlight at 700 watts and 104 degrees Fahrenheit; brightness may decrease to protect panel with other high temperature and sunlight conditions.

1Upscales to 8K Resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.
2QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.
3Each sold separately.
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