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The latest Samsung TV CI news, tips and events.

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Volume 13




Words from the team

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022! 

By Jim Mayo, Executive Director, CI Sales and Strategy, Samsung Electronics

I am writing to you from Ruby’s diner in the D Gate concourse at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas awaiting my flight back to Boston from the CES trade show. Yes, CES - an actual show - with actual product on display for our Home Entertainment retailers, CI Dealers, Partners and Media members to come see and learn. An industry show with face-to-face meetings, imagine that!  


Take a Virtual Tour of Samsung’s CES 2022 Booth


Before I get into CES, I wanted to say a quick thank you from all of us at Samsung for an amazing 2021. Together we continue to be humbled and energized by the overwhelming support you have showed our brand in 2021. Our CI dealer business grew another 30+% in 2021. Our Platinum Dealer community grew by almost 50% in 2021. All of our Regional Distributors experienced a record year, all of our Rep Firms grew their businesses, and we set new records for volume at all four national CI buying groups. To say thank you for the support and trust you have put into Samsung isn’t saying enough. All we can do at Samsung is to continue to work to earn your support, and you have my commitment to each and every one of you that we will continue to bring our best effort every day for betterment of all our businesses.


While I understand CES has historically not been the centerpiece of the custom installer’s annual show calendar, it was sure nice to see our Regional Distributor network and our national Rep firm network came out in force to see what we will be bringing to market in 2022. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two and half years since we last showed our products to the CI channel. We felt if our partners were going to make the effort to come out, we would rise to the occasion and work to make all of our travel as productive as possible.

And boy did we ever!


New Product Launches


In 2022 we will be launching new technologies, new designs and even multiple, completely new formats.  First, we will launch a new Samsung display technology in 2022. You will see product such as MicroLED single fixed-panel categories that will again underline how dedicated Samsung is to bringing the best new technology to your high-end discerning clients. 


In the wildly successful Lifestyle categories, Samsung will bring a new picture filter that actually adds both texture and reduces glare to near zero. I stood next to this new filter and in the lights of the CES floor and our private showcase rooms, with a lamp less than two feet away from the screen, I could not see ANY glare - you will love showing this and selling these frames to your clients.


To go along with our successful launch into the short-throw projector category, we are introducing a new portable projector called Freestyle. Yes, you heard me right, portable! Imagine a one quart thermos-sized projector that runs on battery1, and can even be screwed into a lightbulb socket2 to create a picture anywhere. The auto key-stoning capability of this product alone will amaze you.  We understand this isn’t necessarily a typical “Custom Install” product, but it is the best $900 add-on sale we have ever seen. We are so anxious for you each to see, that we are going to put one into every authorized CE Regional Distributor Show room for them to demo for you when you come to pick up your next order. Plus, our Rep firm’s will each have one for a demo any time you wish.


We premiered rotating wall mounts for any of our 55 or 65-inch TVs, to new, smaller One Connect Box designs, to new Frame and outdoor TV sizes - I could go on and on.


CES re-energizes me every year and this one more than most. 2022 no doubt will be Samsung’s best year ever in CE and specifically the CI space. The lineup is amazing, our team is in place, and we can’t wait to get at it. 


Thank you again for all your support, and I’ll see you all in 2022. Look for us to visit your area, bringing a traveling show where you can all see the latest in Samsung technologies.


Best wishes to you all for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2022.

New CES 2022 Product Launches

Samsung debuted a full array of new products and technologies in Las Vegas at CES 2022, including The Freestyle smart theater-to-go, The Frame with Matte Display, Micro LED displays, and the S Series Ultra Slim Soundbar. Let’s take a look at some of the technology and features of these recent introductions. 


Take a Virtual Tour of Samsung’s CES 2022 Booth 


The Freestyle


Targeted toward Gen Z and Millennials, The Freestyle is a portable screen, smart speaker and ambient lighting device all rolled into one lightweight, smart theater-to-go. Unlike conventional, boxy projectors, The Freestyle’s versatile cradle allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, enabling users to show high-quality video anywhere – tables, floors, walls or even ceilings – no separate screen required.


This exciting, highly portable projector (MSRP $899) is incredibly versatile. The 1.83 pound LED projector produces auto-focused, auto-leveled and auto-keystoned images from 30 to 100 inches. The translucent lens cap can be used to create ‘mood lighting’ that can be synced with whatever audio is playing. It features a 360-degree speaker system and a far-field mic array (for “Hi, Bixby” and Alexa voice controls). And since it runs on Tizen, the same software experience as Samsung smart TVs, you have plenty of apps for streaming capabilities.


The 180-degree design gives you the flexibility to point, play and enjoy a big screen experience – anywhere! Use your phone or tablet as your source or various inputs3 – it is amazingly versatile. The projector runs on batteries, AC4 and can even plug directly into a light socket5. So take your entertainment on the road with The Freestyle smart and portable projector.


The Frame with Matte Finish


Samsung’s 2022 Lifestyle screens seamlessly blend design and technology for a unique and personalized experience. A new Matte Display with glare resistant properties that have been applied to The Frame, The Sero and The Serif, providing one of the most pleasant and comfortable viewing experiences.


That means for 2022, we are taking The Frame to the next level and making the wall art more convincing than ever. The Frame will be able to match the white balance and brightness of artwork based on ambient lighting in any given room.


For The Frame, the low-reflection Matte Display screen will lend a more realistic feel to the art-viewing experience. You wouldn’t want sun glare ruining the illusion, would you? Additional technology makes the new matte finish feel “lifelike,” as if it were made of canvas rather than glass.


By introducing a new anti-reflective film and other anti-glare measures, oil paintings and other art will pop off the screen to a more impressive extent than ever before. The Frame will be offered in seven different sizes, starting at 32 inches and topping out with an 85-inch model.


Micro LED Displays


One of the big buzzes at CES 2022 was the introduction of the new Micro LED display models. Discover our most advanced display technology ever, crafted from individual microscopic LEDs radiating over 8 million points of light for nearly infinite depth, unimaginable color gradation and brightness. With powerful 3D sound worthy of a stadium delivered by ever-elusive speakers, immerse yourself in an audio experience that promises to be as transcendent as the picture itself.


Available in 99” and 110” with a slim, bezel-less design engineered to fit perfectly against the wall, it enhances any space without distraction.


Additionally, each model supports Art Mode, Multi View Mode and comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, delivering an audio experience with top, side and bottom channel speakers for breathtaking, multi-dimensional sound.


Ultra Slim Soundbar


Just 1.6-inches deep, the Ultra Slim Soundbar which is part of the lifestyle soundbar that is designed for use with Samsung’s slim lifestyle TVs, such as The Frame.  Despite its slim form factor, the soundbar still packs up-firing drivers for Dolby Atmos with a total speaker configuration of 3.1.2ch.  It also comes with a 6.5-inch cubic subwoofer with a passive radiator.


What really makes this new ultra slim soundbar special is that the accessory racks match the color of The Frame bezels. Interior designers and art enthusiasts are going to love these combinations – picture, sound, art, design – what’s not to like?


Samsung’s new ultra slim soundbar, has a sleek, minimalistic design with rounded edges and a metal finish.  TV sound & soundbar sound create synergy like no other.

An interview with ALR’s Bob Foppiano

Over the past few years, as our commitment to the CI channel continues to grow, Samsung has partnered with select CI channel partners in the development of several experience centers that offer training and event space for our dealers and distributors in the channel. Today we highlight our manufacturer representative in Northern California, Associated Lighting Representatives (ALR). We spoke with Bob Foppiano who is in the residential sales and CI channel division at ALR.


Samsung: Thanks for joining us, Bob. Give our readers a little background on ALR and your role with the company.


Bob: ALR started in 1961 as a commercial manufacturer’s agent. 20 years ago, we took over the Lutron account and significantly increased our presence in the residential market. We subsequently expanded into the A/V world in an effort to marry lighting, lighting controls and A/V.  ALR employs about 140 people, with 15 of those employees directly involved in residential sales and design.


I hold multiple roles within our organization. I act as a champion of ALR’s audio and video manufacturers: Sonance, Lutron, James Loudspeakers, Media Décor,, Samsung to name a few – in the Northern California territory. I also do a lot of training and have sales responsibility for the audio/video distributors in our market, and I personally cover dealers in California’s Central Valley.


Samsung: Tell us about how you are partnering with Samsung and representing us in your territory.


Bob: Samsung was a perfect fit for ALR’s portfolio of luxury A/V products. Not only does Samsung have stellar name recognition, but their design elements fit into any décor and model well with high-end lighting designs. The Lifestyle TV products are unique and fit a variety of design criteria, so whether it is the bezel-less 8K QLED products or the Full Sun Terrace6 or commercial products, Samsung provides us with solutions for both indoor and outdoor living.


Keep in mind that ALR is not a commodity rep, we are a design/lifestyle rep agency. We sell lifestyle products like outdoor audio systems, illuminated mirrors, automated window coverings, and are helping designers conceptualize and design high-end projects. Savvy homeowners are looking for both technology and design – they want cutting edge and often feel like the bigger the TV the better.  Designers can integrate Samsung TVs into any project because the Samsung products blend seamlessly in any décor and frequently meets the homeowner’s expectation.


Samsung: You have an incredible office center, showroom and training facility at your HQ in Oakland. Tell us about how you are utilizing these spaces and how Samsung is partnering with you to showcase our latest technologies.


Bob: ALR’s Oakland facility is home a fairly large office space where the majority of our staff works day-to-day. Additionally, we have two primary training rooms, small conference spaces, plus a café which serves as a lunchroom by day and an event space at night. Pre-pandemic we hosted trainings four to five days a week.


The smaller of our two training rooms holds between 30 to 40 people in classroom style; the large training room holds 60 to 80, depending on the seating configuration. ALR conduct trainings on a wide range of topics with varying audiences; on any given day we present topics like best practices for lighting layouts, Residential Lighting Control, Distributed Audio, etc. In addition, we frequently offering manufacturer specific product trainings, so we’re a truly a full service agency and educational partner to all of our dealers and distributors. We just hosted an open house for commercial clients, events we hold every other month. Samsung participates in many of these events. When the weather is nice, we even hold outdoor audio events.


As our working relationship with Samsung developed, they approached us about integrating more of the product line into our training center and showroom. We were pretty excited about the opportunity because we are something of a hybrid – we cater to both commercial and residential clients with an emphasis on specifiers and designers. Let me tell you a little about how we’re exposing all our clients to the Samsung brand.


When you first enter ALR’s main building, you’ll find our reception space outfitted with an 85-inch NEO 8K QLED, paired with, and a Lutron Ketra lighting scene set up. Immediately our guests are aware that ALR represents luxury products. As you pass the reception area, you will see the 98-inch 4K in our Embarcadero conference room, and while traveling past a gallery you will find a Frame TV with a beautiful white bezel7. Our Griffith classroom is home to an 85-inch Samsung 4K display, which replaced a projector. Our café has north and west-facing walls of windows offering beautiful views of the Oakland estuary and downtown Oakland, plus a Full Sun Terrace TV and the Terrace soundbar.


For clients who focus on corporate and education markets we display the Lobby Hospitality Lifestyle Flip, the Interactive Display Flip WM85R, and the Interactive WMA Corporate Series in both 75- and 85-inch models. Finally, we are featuring the BET-H Series Pro TV, which shows how easily clients can customize with Samsung by uploading dynamic content right from your phone or tablet with the Samsung Business App. We feel that ALR has invested in one of the most impressive Samsung video collections under one roof anywhere in the country so we can appeal to both residential and commercial clients.


ALR bought our building 15 years ago and partnered with architects and interior designers to remodel from the ground up with the intention of hosting training and hospitality events. I think we are the perfect venue for displaying Samsung products in our region, as we’re able to showcase how beautifully Samsung integrates into a variety of spaces while demonstrating performance to designers and CI channel dealers. ALR’s partnership with Samsung has resulted in a special kind of synergy – Samsung’s incredible products are well received in the market and complement our portfolio of luxury lines.


Samsung: What type of events can we look forward to this coming year?


Bob: It’s early in the year but our event calendar is filling up fast! Our ALR Open House events will be held in February, March, May, July, September and November. We will target the residential market with a Samsung Showroom Open House on March 14th, Residential Outdoor Living Event April 14th, the Annual CI Expo May 11th, a Fall Outdoor Event in August, and a post-CEDIA AV Event in October.


Additionally, we Samsung will be exposed to our entire distribution channel during our Lutron RadioRA3 trainings (held every six weeks), our AV Audio trainings over the summer and at special commercial events throughout the years for specifiers, facility managers and contractors.


Samsung: Thanks Bob for your time today.


Bob: It’s been my pleasure.

Commercial Business Opportunities

We recently sat down with Josh Vicini, Vice President and Head of Strategy and Business Development for 21st Century Distributing and Peter Kotsakis, President and Co-Owner of Global Sight & Sound, to discuss Large Format Displays (LFD), how commercial opportunities are becoming more common for the CI channel and how Samsung is helping to drive their businesses in sales.


Samsung: Tell us a little about your business.


Josh: 21st Century Distributing is the preeminent Southeastern U.S. distributor in the CI channel, with branch offices throughout the region. For LFD products, we have been making a strong push in the category for the past two years and have seen significant growth. As a distributor, we want the CI dealers in the territory to understand that we stock LFD products and are here to support those integrators moving beyond resi-mercial and into true commercial projects.


Peter: We integrate in both residential and commercial markets. Our commercial business is pretty diverse, including hospitality, healthcare, industrial, video walls and signage. It represents 65% of our total business. We partner with an interior designer where we showcase select Samsung products for our clients.


Samsung: How long have you been partnering with Samsung?


Peter: I’ve been doing systems integration for 25 years and have partnered with Samsung since the mid-2000s. Flat panel displays has been our main product for both residential and commercial. Over the past two years our commercial business has grown with Samsung because of the new products you’ve brought to market. We look for very specific things on commercial panels, including warranties, refresh rates, inputs, etc. And, we look for good value. Samsung is hitting the right notes on all these issues.


Josh: We’ve been working with Samsung for six years and have been in the CI channel for as long as there have been CI dealers. We really love the innovation and quality of the entire Samsung portfolio and the open dialogue we have with our contacts. We not only stock LFD product in each branch, but we also have tons of products on display and provide live and virtual training courses for our dealers. In fact, all of our trainings are recorded so dealers who might not be able to attend a session can watch it when they do have time.


Samsung: Has there been any recent addition to the Samsung go-to-market strategy that helped grow your business?


Josh: The truth is, Samsung really is organized as far as commercial LFD business. They brought it to us on a silver platter with the entry-level resi-mercial BET products. Once we had the right products for our commercial clients, we got organized around it and added personnel specifically for that segment, as well as developing a commercial microsite on our main website. Samsung got us started and now we’ve expanded our commercial offerings to other brands.


Peter: Inventory. To be honest, with everything going on in the world, there hasn’t been a lack of inventory. And let’s not forget that Bigger is always Better. Samsung has always been innovative in their larger display formats. So when people see a huge Samsung LFD, they instinctively understand that Samsung is the leader in the marketplace. So even if they have to go with another size display because of budget or application, they know they want a Samsung.


Samsung: Can you give us some examples of commercial products that have helped drive success?


Peter: Similar to what I mentioned about Samsung being the leader in LFDs, our commercial side has to deal with a lot of different sectors: security, surveillance, window treatments, lighting and control – but the Wow Factor still sells the job. Even though we need all of the widgets and integration – people really care most about the display. So when bidding a project, we always look at the wow factor – can we do a display or displays that will capture the attention of our audience. Make the spend more palatable. Make the spend more exciting and immersive.


Josh: The BET series. Previously, those price points weren’t really available, so it filled a gap. Think of it as a gateway product into commercial. Maybe a dealer has done a few coffee bars with one or two TVs. They can now look at commercial projects with an entry point product at a lower price point, and possibly elevate the sale later based on what the client is looking for specifically.


Also the WM series, which is targeted for the educational market but can also be specified for home offices and home schooling, as well as the design-build colleagues of our CI dealers – architects, builders and interior designers can use these products themselves in their own offices.


Samsung: What additional commercial products would you like Samsung to focus on?


Josh: We’re doing more with the Samsung soundbars and we think since they are so spectacular, perhaps there’s a market to expand into Huddle omnidirectional mic/speaker conference systems. But for now I think where we’re interested in putting our efforts into more video walls. The price points and specifying have been traditionally tough, but we’re interested in doing more of that, especially since Samsung is a leader in the category. We are also aggressively promoting Samsung’s TV mounts. Even though everyone has their mount of choice, we think the Samsung products complement themselves and we are gaining traction in coupling Samsung TV and Samsung mounts as a package.


Peter: A commercial Frame TV would be perfect for us. Everyone loves The Frame, but on the commercial side you need the specific build and features for those environments. Samsung has a really diverse array of commercial LFDs and we’ll keep specifying them and winning bids based on the quality and reputation of the products.


21st Century Distributing

Southeastern Regional Distributor

Josh Vicini


Global Sight & Sound

Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Peter Kotsakis



Samsung’s Microsite Builder

Samsung has developed a simple way for our CI dealers to build a co-branded microsite, and dealers who have set up their microsite are reporting back with fantastic results. Keep in mind that we aren’t asking you to sell online, we’re simply helping to drive premium model business your way. In just a few simple steps you can create your own custom Samsung branded page and choose the products you want to feature as well as the partners you support.


Here’s how easy it is to set up:


To get started creating a custom Samsung microsite page, visit and click on “Get Started”. Log in using your Samsung Custom Install portal credentials and simply enter your business name, company URL, email and phone number and you’re half way there! Customers who visit the Samsung consumer product website will be able to receive a quote, book a consultation, or call you as one of our Samsung custom installation specialists. Customer inquiries, including those that are about specific products, will be forwarded to your specified email address.


“The new microsite is very straightforward and easy to setup in no time. Wouldn’t see any reason not to use it and it gives us another resource to prove to our clients and potential clients that we are a reputable Samsung Dealer. I’ve even started using it as a tool to email clients in our online based proposals via and other scenarios. The quality of the assets are beautiful and love that a section of the builder includes a mention of automation partners.”

Jesse Silva / Owner & President / The ProView Audio Video Experience LLC


A great feature of this easy-to-set-up microsite is that you get to choose which products and product images you want to highlight – whether that’s Samsung Neo QLED 8K, The Terrace Full Sun8 or The Frame, you’re in charge. You’ll set up your four primary featured products in addition to a carousel of secondary products, giving you a wide range of products your customers can choose from. 


The Samsung Microsite Builder is a breeze to set up and integrate into your current web platform, easily kept up to date, and another way to drive customers interested in Samsung premium products to your location. Visit and get started today!


“Did You Know?”

There is so much to keep up with when it comes to product knowledge. Here are just a few facts and tidbits about Samsung products we thought you would enjoy re-visiting so you can talk fluently with customers who need to know.


  • Samsung has a 98” Neo QLED 4K Smart TV.  The QN98QN90A has a list price of $14,999.99, and is Samsung’s most powerful 4K experience, delivering brilliantly intense picture powered by tiny hyper-focused light cells.  Please contact your local distributor for dealer pricing.
  • Samsung recently introduced an 85” The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV with a list price of $4,299.99.  Using Art Mode, the QN85LS03A transforms into a beautiful work of art when you're not watching TV.  This 85-inch TV display features cutting-edge QLED technology and crisp 4K clarity, elevating your art and entertainment experience.  Please contact your local distributor for dealer pricing.
  • The Terrace Partial Sun and Full Sun Outdoor QLED 4K Smart TV’s have the following accessories:
    • The Terrace TV Wall Mount: Designed with a galvanized steel frame and stainless steel screws to prevent corrosion and discoloration from rain or sunlight.
      • WMN4070TT/ZA for 55” Terrace, with a list price of $149.99
      • WMN4277TT/ZA for 65” and 75” Terrace, with a list price of $199.99
    • The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar: Samsung The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar with the center speaker (3.0 Channel), Dolby 5.1ch and built in subwoofer. Perfect match for The Terrace TV
      • HW-LST70T/ZA for all Terrace TV’s, with a list price of $1,199.99
    • The Terrace TV Dust Cover: Protects your Terrace TV from water, dust, scratches, UV rays.
      • VG-SDC55G/ZA for 55” Terrace, with a list price of $149.99
      • VG-SDC65G/ZA for 65” Terrace, with a list price of $199.99
      • VG-SDC75G/ZA for 75” Terrace, with a list price of $249.99
  • Samsung has a series of Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projectors.  The Premiere by Samsung is available in two form factors
    • SP-LSP9TFAXZA (The Premiere LSP9T 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector) has a list price of $6,499.99
      • Enjoy theater-like entertainment in your home with the best Samsung ultra-short throw smart laser projector
      • Cutting-edge triple laser technology and ultra-bright 4K resolution deliver heightened contrast and impeccable detail with 2800 lumens

    • SP-LSP7TFAXZA (The Premiere LSP7T 4K Smart Laser Projector) has a list price of $3,499.99
      • Bring the big theater screen experience home with an ultra-short throw Samsung 120” smart laser projector
      • Cutting-edge laser technology and 4K resolution deliver cinema-like picture and contrast with 2200 lumens
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1Customizable Bezels Sold Separately.
2Customizable Frames sold Separately.
3Subscription may apply.
450” has Quantum 24X.
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