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The latest Samsung TVCI news, tips and events. Stay connected and get ahead.
CI Channel Update

By Jim Mayo


Hello from Samsung. And goodbye Q2 2020. What a year it’s been, and we’re only half-way through it!


As you all know, we are experiencing unprecedented change and disruption from just about everything in our private lives and our business - especially in the Custom Integration channel. We are challenged on every front:


  • Challenged to find ways to complete scheduled jobs
  • Challenged to find product in time to meet the jobs we do get scheduled
  • Challenged to get into the home of our scheduled jobs
  • Challenged to meet with new clients and challenged to show them our unique value when you can’t show them anything but virtual pictures


Through it all you have been driving your businesses and taking all the precautions needed to keep yourselves, your employees, and your clients safe and satisfied. It has been amazing and energizing to see the effort you have all put in to persevere on every job, and to exceed your clients’ expectations. If there is any silver lining, it is the fact that this pandemic is making us focus all the more on what is important; teaching us all business survival skills we forgot we had, and making us better business people in the process.


I wanted to thank you all for your continued support of Samsung during this time and to offer you our next edition of the Connections Newsletter to highlight some of the products and tools we continue to provide to help you survive and thrive in the coming years. I am incredibly proud on behalf of Samsung to launch so much newness this year with our expanded Frame assortment (32” and 75” models), our amazing new Infinity screen Q900 and Q950 8K product, and our newest instant hit - the new Terrace and Terrace Pro Outdoor TV products to name just a few. Don’t forget our ProTV line-up of light commercial products that meet the needs of so many of you when placing displays in light commercial locations. This line-up of products really rounds out our full line of residential and commercial products for 2020 and beyond. Samsung truly has a display for every use case - even the ones your clients have never considered!


We are doing all we can in these times to reach out and help you find the Samsung residential and commercial products you need to complete your jobs. We recently concluded our 2-year quest to hire “best in class” Rep Firms in every market in the US and I am proud to say as of July 1st 2020, every state is covered. Please see below at the bottom of the newsletter where we have included a quick listing of all our new Rep firms by state and the key contact for each.


Finally, while we will continue to be ultra-cautious ourselves and following all social distancing and safety precaution guidelines state by state, and encourage you to continue to do the same, we are happy to announce the re-opening of our state-of-the-art Design Center in the Dallas Market Center, the Samsung Experience at the DMC. We are reopening as of July 15th 2020 by appointment only to see all of our new 2020 Commercial and Residential Display products in a home setting. For those of you that have not seen the facility, please again reach out to your Samsung Sales Manager or new rep firm to schedule a safe time to visit, to show the facility and Samsung products within to your clients. This facility will 100% follow all guidelines for safety published by the State of Texas, so please join us as you are able.


Please continue to stay safe, stay positive and stay “Connected”. Please enjoy this issue of the Connections Newsletter, I hope it helps your business.


Best wishes,


Jim Mayo

Sr. Director Custom Integration Channel Sales and Strategy

The Terrace

Did you know that not only have we introduced The Terrace as an incredible outdoor TV experience, but that you also have access to a Pro version of The Terrace? That’s right. Let’s talk about how we’re positioning The Terrace and then where the Pro version can fit into your offerings.


At Samsung, we’re all about sharing exciting content with our customers. That’s why we’re bringing TV and soundbar entertainment to the great outdoors. The Terrace QLED TV and soundbar allows viewers to experience sports, movies and their favorite shows on their patio while they entertain their friends and family. It’s experiential!


Now available in 75”, 65” and 55” models, The Terrace packs all of the latest Samsung TV technology into a thin, cleanly designed chassis: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot, Motion Rate 240, Adaptive Picture, Multiple Voice Assistants, Samsung OneRemote, and more. At MSRPs competitive with and in many cases lower than our competition, Samsung is the clear choice for outdoor viewing. And, with a full 2-year warranty , you can have the confidence to specify this TV even to your most demanding clients. Let’s talk more about this amazing product.


The Terrace was designed to look incredibly vivid and bright, especially in daylight. The anti-glare screen delivers an incredible picture from any seat. And, The Terrace is IP55 rated to protect against dust and water. Connecting personal devices is seamless and adds to the fun of watching TV outside year round.


Compare the performance of The Terrace with any of our competitors – only Samsung’s Terrace features high-quality 4K QLED pictures with next-gen apps, super easy controls, and a host of enhancements that elevate the TV watching experience. Precision controlled backlights offer deeper contrasts for richer blacks and brighter whites. Samsung picture quality, Samsung build quality, and Samsung service for peace of mind.


Complimenting The Terrace TV is the Terrace Soundbar. Never miss a word with a center speaker dedicated to delivering crystal clear dialogue that can be heard even over outside ambient noises. The Terrace Soundbar is also resistant to extreme temperatures and is best-in-class IP55-rated. And, your customers can even stream music by connecting wirelessly to other devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Finally, enjoy the soundbar hands-free with Alexa voice control! Just connect to an Amazon Echo device and you’re all set.


Finally, let us give you a sneak preview of The Terrace Pro, which is launching in July. While not a Smart TV, the Terrace Pro has a Content Management System and is designed for serious outdoor display functionality. It comes with a 3-year warranty and is constructed to perform reliably 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. For commercial applications, this is the outdoor TV to specify.

Tom Priola | Primetime Audio Video

With over 25 years of experience, Primetime Audio Video has been a staple in Northern Illinois for providing the latest and best in consumer electronics since 1994. We sat down with CEO Tom Priola to talk about a recent integration project involving the Terrace TV and the impact of having it on display in the Primetime Audio Video experience showroom.

Samsung Connections: Tom, thanks for taking some time to talk about a great outdoor project you did recently involving the Terrace TV. First off, how is the family doing and what can you share about business as we begin to emerge from the coronavirus?


Tom Priola: Thanks for asking and thanks for letting me share some success stories. From a personal perspective, everyone’s healthy and our business has rebounded from the initial impact of the coronavirus. May and June have picked up and we’re doing a lot of business in the home and a lot of business outside the home. In fact, our outdoor business is projected to double this year, both residential and commercial. So we’re very optimistic about the rest of 2020.

SC: So you brought a Terrace TV into the showroom. Tell us about that.


TP: It all got started back when we first heard that Samsung was bringing out an outdoor TV. As a Samsung Platinum dealer we are intimately familiar with the TV products and we talked internally about how we would position a product backed by the Samsung name in a category that continues to grow.


So when we first learned about the Terrace, we were excited. We started making appointments with customers to come in and see it. Some of our customers delayed their projects based on our recommendation to hold off until they had seen how incredible this TV looks.


We showcase the Terrace and it’s one of the first displays you see when you enter the showroom. It really takes peoples’ breath away when they see the contrast and color and how impressive it is as a large screen display.

SC: Tell us about the TV itself and its quality.


TP: My initial confidence level, just knowing Samsung - especially in the premium category - was high. When it came out of the box we could all tell it was built like a tank. It looks good even when it’s not on. Additionally, we know Samsung products so there was no learning curve. And as soon as we turned it on, it was evident that it was a Samsung. And since it’s backed with a full two-year warranty, it adds a level of confidence to the consumer that the manufacturer will stand behind the product.


And I’ll add that being a smart TV – a Samsung Smart TV – it’s easy to use and works perfectly in an outdoor environment.

SC: So then you sold one to a commercial property, a pub in Byron, Illinois called The Cave. How did that come about?


TP: On this sale, the client just trusted us. The Cave had actually burned to the ground about two years ago, and then they rebuilt it on an adjacent lot and bought their old lot as well, where they created a beer garden. We had another product specified last summer, but they had to postpone. So when they were ready this year, we simply told them our thoughts about the Terrace and they went with our recommendation. In fact, we’re planning on installing two more 75-inch Terrace TVs for them later this summer.



SC: So what other thoughts can you share about the Terrace.


TP: Two things come to mind. First, it is an absolutely best-in-category product, as well as being a first- in-class margin opportunity. It’s such a strong and profitable product that the Terrace is our go-to outdoor TV of choice.


The second thing I’d say is, while we’ve only had the product for a short while, out of the gate it looks like a home run. We’re anticipating that the outdoor category, with the Samsung branding behind it, is going to take our business to an entirely new level.

SC: Thanks again, Tom. Stay well and continued success.


TP: Thanks, my pleasure.

Lifestyle TV

Most of our CI channel dealers understand the importance of reaching out to the design-build community in order to get access to project work. Architects, builders and designers are major influencers for new home builds and major remodels. Therefore, at Samsung we feel it’s important to give you creative solutions that compliment and enhance room décors. Earlier this year we introduced a new category in our TV line-up – Lifestyle TVs that are experiential and beg to be demonstrated to your design-build colleagues.


And on an equally important note, the new Lifestyle products allow you to get into more rooms in the house with bold, new looks and applications. Every member of the family will have their favorite, so make sure you are showing, demonstrating and talking about the entire range of Lifestyle TVs – you never know what turns people on!


From our unique collaboration with the award-winning Paris-based design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, our new Serif TV blends design and technology into a simple, functional solution for connecting with what we enjoy most in life and with the people who matter.


The Sero was designed to easily connect and share mobile content. Just let the rotating screen flip itself from horizontal to vertical and watch away. Flip the way you watch TV!


And, of course, the original lifestyle TV from Samsung, The Frame. TV when it’s on. Art when it’s off.


Let’s talk briefly about The Frame 2020 models and in succeeding newsletters we’ll bring you some great designer insights on the rest of the Samsung Lifestyle TV products.


The One and Only


Like we mentioned earlier, the Lifestyle series offers great design options for every room in the house. And now we’re offering The Frame in 32”, 43”, 50”, 55”, 65” and 75” models.


The original Frame TV was such an incredible success because you could offer your customers the best of both worlds – artwork when the TV was off and an incredible 4K image when in use. This year, we’ve upped the ante by offering The Frame as a full 4K QLED viewing experience. And with the latest backlighting technology, the image both in TV mode and in Art mode has been elevated to an incredible level of detail, contrast and color.


Don’t forget the options you have with regards to the variety of customizable, magnetic bezels so your customers can easily choose – or even change – their favorite color to best suit their space.


New for this year and an incredible selling feature for interior designers and customers who collect art – The Frame now learns your taste in art and automatically recommends new artwork. It also keeps you informed of new artists as they become available in the Art Store. Now that’s a great service to offer your most demanding customers.


And as we’ve mentioned, 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot technology delivers over a billion shades of color without washing out at any level of brightness.


Lead with The Frame for those spaces where art and technology come together. Be prepared to offer solutions outside the box that will elevate your reputation and know how. Get one on display and show it off to your design-build colleagues and reap the rewards. Lifestyle TVs from Samsung. Visionary.

The Infinity Screen

This year Samsung unveiled an incredible 2020 TV line-up with more 8K and 4K screens and screen sizes, including a wider array of 8K QLED models that continue to set the bar for high definition performance. The best-in-class Q950Ts models range from 85, 75 and 65 inches and are setting a new trend in edge-to-edge picture quality (called the infinity screen) that has a screen-to-body ratio of 99%. At a mere 15mm deep and boasting six speakers, this is the premium TV your design-build colleagues and discerning customers have been waiting for.


When you show someone the Q950T series TV, it’s as if the image floats in space. There really isn’t any other experience like it in display technology. With the unrivaled picture quality of 8K QLED in a design that suspends belief, Samsung’s Q950T series should be your go-to TV - whether showing your architects and interior designers the latest display technology or wowing your customers with visions of perfection.As technology designers and custom installation specialists, you already know that you have to show people the best if you want them to buy the best. We recommend that you always lead with 8K QLED and compliment the sales with reference-grade audio and expert installation to deliver a bespoke experience. This not only guarantees you the best margin opportunities but also guarantees your customers years of home entertainment enjoyment.


We recommend you position the 8K TV line-up as offering unprecedented technology and an unrivalled immersive viewing experience, combining pristine picture and sound quality, intelligent AI capabilities and premium design.


One of the most important technology updates for the 2020 Q950T series that sets a new level of performance in 8K display is the advances to Samsung’s 8K Quantum Processor upscaling process where we’ve added a ‘deeper’ algorithm on top. It’s based on a pre-learned neural network (a limitless, continually expanding database of images) with numerous layers of algorithms, each of which provides a different interpretation of the data. The TV can use these to help restore fine detail and in turn create a realistic upscaled picture. This upscaling is done on a pixel-by-pixel basis, too – remarkable when you consider how many thousands of them are in the panel.


The other big picture enhancement in this year’s 8K TVs concerns brightness. The Q950TS's Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) system is now more efficient, thanks to our new Local Power Distribution strategy. Essentially, it works to redistribute power from the darker areas of the display to the brightest areas that need it most.


Finally, Adaptive Picture+ works to optimize the picture automatically based on lighting conditions so the picture remains clear. Coupled with Adaptive Sound+, which pinpoints and tracks sounds on the screen in order to create an immersive sound field, the Samsung 8K Q950T TV series is clearly the choice for great picture, great sound, and an infinity screen that screams design.

Samsung Pro TVs for Commercial Display Applications

More and more CI channel dealers have been or are planning to cross over and pick up commercial project work. Many of you already are specifying digital signage. Now we’re giving you the opportunity to offer a series of Samsung Pro TVs backed by our reputation of delivering exceptional performance and trustworthy reliability.


The BET-H Series Pro TV line-up consists of six models ranging from 43-inch to 75-inches. They are all stunning 4K TVs with customizable possibilities. With the Samsung Pro TV, content becomes as dynamic as your customers’ imaginations.


The Samsung Pro TV series offers powerful Crystal UHD picture quality, powered by a Crystal 4K processor. Every piece of content is rich, colorful and full of fine detail. Changing content is quick and easy. In three easy steps, you can upload dynamic content right from your phone or tablet with the Samsung Business TV app that includes 100 customizable templates.


And, you can count on Samsung’s Pro TV with a 16/7 operating time, while a 3-year warranty adds peace of mind. Do more with your TV with the Samsung Pro TV series displays.


Some of the key selling points include:


  • Samsung Pro TVs offer high dynamic range which allows you to showcase a wide spectrum of colors. Content comes to life, even in dark scenes.
  • The chassis is sleek and modern, with a minimalist design that draws in customers. With a super-slim bezel, customers are focused on the content.
  • Your customers can watch with either built-in tuners or from multiple input ports. Samsung Pro TVs can power content from YouTube as well.
  • With the intuitive Samsung Business TV app (Android and iOS), you can create and upload dynamic, eye-catching content to multiple TVs from a smartphone or tablet in three easy steps.
  • An on/off timer automatically ensures the Samsung Pro TV operates during business hours, while PIN code protects your settings.


Check out the Samsung line-up of Pro TVs for your digital signage and commercial display projects.

Mark Ontiveros | Audio Images

Audio Images is an award-winning technology, automation and integration firm in Orange County, California. From home theaters to professional recording rooms, they create powerful home integration solutions.


Navigating the sea of available A/V technologies can be daunting. The entire team at Audio Images is passionate about creating fully integrated audio/visual solutions that you can actually use - engineering solutions that truly fit client needs. So when they're done, the client will have a system that is simple to use, scalable for future needs ... and a literal work of art.


Solutioneering™ systems is founder and CEO Mark Ontiveros’ first step to ensuring that Audio Images delivers a sensory experience that will inspire the mind, enhance lifestyles, and move the soul.


We caught up with Mark recently to talk about dvLED and how he’s positioning the product with his residential and commercial clientele.


Samsung Connections: Thanks for sitting down with us, Mark. How are your family and company doing as the economy begins to re-open?


Mark Ontiveros: We are super blessed that no one has been ill, as far as my family and Audio Image employees go. We pulled everyone out of the field on March 19 for about six weeks. Everyone was paid in full. We have had networking-related jobs that were essential and of course we scaled up remote services for our clients.


We were busy going into the pandemic and we’re still very busy. As busy as we have ever been and contracted pipeline is at the company’s highest ever levels. But we also realize our industry is kind of like the tail of the dog and so we’ll see what happens as the recession deepens.


And while I know we’re going to be talking about dvLED, I’d like to mention that the new Terrace TV is a run-away hit. We’re booking them as fast as we can.

SC: The dvLED technology behind the product known as The Wall. What’s it all about and how do you describe it in laymen’s terms?


MO: A seamless image of the highest resolution, infinitely capable of the most amazing picture quality. Stunning brightness and color. There really isn’t another solution available that encompasses this level of picture quality in a dramatic presentation, including traditional projection systems. People’s jaws drop to the floor when they see it. Especially with ambient light conditions.


I try to get my clients who might be candidates for a dvLED display over to the local Samsung design center in Irvine and let the picture tell the story. That’s how you sell these. A trip with your client to the nearest design center is an absolute must. Plant the seed early.


Most of our projects take years to complete and we are in early, often before drawings have been completed. So there is time to discuss how dvLED displays could become part of a new space, depending on whether it’s for artistic expression or media content, or a true movie theater.

SC: And you’re also educating your design-build colleagues as you discuss these unique opportunities in having such a versatile technology solution?


MO: Right now dvLED is not front-of-mind for our design-build partners. Through our lifestyle discovery process and meetings about spaces, we do have discussions about incorporating these large displays over multiple surfaces to create infinite space. It’s not just a TV wall. It can be so much more. So as we continue to talk about the possibilities, our design-build partners begin to be inspired by our vision as technology designers.


Although there are various sizes and ways to scale the display, whatever the concept of the space we’re talking about comes back to us being able to solutioneer™ a design that will transform a room artistically. And, I’d add that a big challenge is how you take a giant flat reflective surface and control the acoustic properties in that space.

SC: What other core technologies do you suggest have to be part of the planning process?


MO: Plan for high quality power. Good steady current. We deploy multiple in-line UPSs with sufficient amperage, along with hi-quality surge protection. I can’t stress enough how important a best-in-class power supply is to the success and longevity of an installation.


Ventilation is also critical. Plan on providing ventilation that is more than just adequate. I’ve heard people say LEDs don’t produce that much heat, but in reality they do. So ventilation plays a central role in our design.


Fiber is a must as well. Whether you are actively designing The Wall or perhaps talking with your client about the possibility of a large dvLED display down the road, you definitely have to be pre-wiring with fiber in order to deliver the highest resolution content to the display.


And another major consideration is that you have to build in enough hours of labor to deal with the intricacies of installing one of these large displays. It always takes more time than you think it is going to take.


I’d also point out that the coordination of your team and others, including Samsung’s team of support professionals, is critical as well.

SC: You have also installed a large dvLED display into a commercial facility. What can you tell us about that experience?


MO: There was a new E-game studio in L.A. that we approached. At the end of the day they didn’t have the budget for a Luxe Wall, so we integrated a lower resolution wall for now, with plans to step into a higher resolution display in the future.


I’d point out that part of our job as a technology designer is to create something now with the foresight that the system can and will undergo upgrades in the future. This E-Game studio uses the display all the time, so even five to eight years from now you know that the system will be ready for an upgrade. And prices will have come down as they do for all technologies, so perhaps the next iteration will be super-hi resolution. But regardless of what level of resolution you design for, the Wall is still a statement piece, it’s visual art.

SC: Talk about the support you received from Samsung.


MO: The support throughout the design process was great. Assistance to help us over-engineer for conduits and ventilation and interfacing was better than any display manufacturer we’ve ever worked with, even commercial vendors we’ve used in the past. No one in my experience has had the depth of information about the product and the integration parameters than Samsung had.


Pre-support and post-support have been stellar. This is the technology of the future and I’d advise all integrators who might have clients where these displays might work in the next three plus years to learn everything you can about dvLED, not only the technology but how to properly plan to integrate it across various spaces.


Expose those customers of yours who might be candidates by visiting a design center. It’s all about top-down selling. Show how immersive dvLED can be and scale down to the appropriate size that fits properly in any given space.

SC: Thanks Mark and continued success.


MO: My pleasure.


Samsung Design Showrooms

Samsung HQ Center | 85 Challenger Road – 6th Floor | Ridgefield Park, NJ

Samsung Design Center Washington | 700 Pennsylvania Ave – Ste 600 | Washington, D.C.

Samsung Design Center Irvine CA | 18401 Von Karman Ave – Ste 100 | Irvine, CA

Samsung Experience @ The Dallas Market Center | Dallas, TX

Tech Tip of the Month

Just a quick reminder that we’ve uploaded all of the information your team needs to access regarding the 2020 Samsung Home Entertainment line-up.


Advanced Control | Samsung offers partnerships and solutions that simplify system control configuration and cut HDR color calibration time from hours to minutes. We work with partners like AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI, Savant, URC, ELAN, and Josh.ia to make sure our products can be seamlessly integrated into existing home automation systems. Features like Auto-Discovery Support™ help custom integrators with reduced configuration times. You’ll find all of the control code resources on the Custom Install portal.


Mounting Guides | All of the 2020 Samsung TV mounting guides are now available on the portal.


Other resources include mechanical drawings, CAD drawings, comparison grids, firmware updates, quick set up guides, spec sheets and user manuals.


For complete dealer information that’s as close as a click away, make sure your technicians and designers have access to the Samsung Custom Installation Resource Center.

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