Galaxy Battery

Battery Life and

Battery life can be affected by various factors such as
device settings, environment, and usage patterns.

Understand these factors to use your battery more
efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Factors affecting Battery Life

  • Environment

    Battery consumption increases in areas with weak or
    overlapping signals or with increased screen brightness
    under strong sunlight or any other light source.

    ※ Galaxy offers Adaptive Brightness to optimize screen visibility based on the light.
    intensity of the environment.

    On top of the bright mountain, the man is taking the pictures with his cell phone.
  • Usage Pattern

    Galaxy’s AMOLED Display has a high contrast ratio that will
    increase battery consumption.
    Increased screen brightness,
    longer intervals before screen timeout, high-performance apps,
    streaming high-resolution content, and location services or
    other allowed services will also increase battery consumption.
    sitting and watching the video.

Settings Tips to Extend Battery Life

Discover various ways to easily manage your device’s battery usage and extend battery life!

※ This was written based on Android P OS (Version 9.0).

Names of certain features and entry points may vary depending on the Android OS version.

1. Optimize your battery in ‘Settings’

  • Optimize your battery.
    • Enter Settings and select Device care

      Go to ‘Settings’
      and click on ‘Device care’.

    • Select optimize now button

      Tap ‘Optimize now’ to optimize your ‘Battery’, ‘Storage’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Security’.


2. Optimize your battery in ‘Settings’

  • Maintain sleep status for rarely used apps.
    • Select See more in battery menu of device care Select Sleeping apps

      In ‘Battery’ tap ‘See more’ to go to Settings and
      click on ‘Sleeping apps’.

    • Select Add button Select apps to add to power save list

      Tap ‘Add’ to select apps you want in sleep status,
      then tap ‘Add’ once again.

    ※ ‘Sleeping apps’ won’t run in the background and may not receive updates and/or send notifications.

Enable ‘Power mode’

When the battery is running low, enable ‘Power mode’ to extend battery life.

Once ‘Power mode’ is enabled, background apps will be restricted from Wi-Fi and mobile data,
and energy-consuming features like Always On Display will be disabled to extend battery life.

You can adjust CPU speed, brightness level, and background networks to your preference.

※ When ‘Power mode’ is enabled, background data restrictions will apply to all apps and location services may also be limited.

Clean up unused apps and features.

  • Check battery usage and close unused apps.
    • Select Battery usage in the battery menu

      Go to ‘Device care’ in ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Battery’, and then ‘Battery usage’.

    • View list of apps using battery Select Hide OS and system apps in the See more menu Check actual battery usage of apps

      Click on ‘See more’ and tap ‘Hide OS and system apps’
      Check battery usage and details of apps actually in use.


Change Display Settings.

Turn display off by pressing the power button when the device is not in use.

Set ‘Screen timeout’ to a short interval.

Lower your brightness. The brighter the screen, the higher the contrast ratio,
which leads to higher battery consumption.

Extend battery life by using a dark-tone wallpaper or theme.
* Images shown are for illustration purpose only.

** UI may be different depending on the device model,
country, or mobile operators.