How to turn
on Instagram Mode

Simply swipe camera mode till the right end and you will find the Instagram Mode

Switching between apps could be a hassle especially when it’s a critical moment you don’t want to miss for the gram! Worry no more, because Instagram mode is here to allow you to have the most convenient experience on the Galaxy S10. Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please! Give a warm welcome to Instagram mode on Galaxy S10 camera.

What is Instagram Mode?

On the Galaxy S10 camera, there is a feature called “Instagram Mode;” it allows you to directly upload on Instagram all of your favorite stories! Literally, capture them on the spot and upload them with a click of a button.

Why Instagram Mode?

While everyone is out there telling their stories on Instagram, beat them at their game! When a baby takes his first steps or when you pass by the most beautiful scene, Galaxy S10 camera Instagram mode ensures you capture the right moment in the right quality without any awkward compression or loss in resolution.

Simple solutions can save a lot of trouble, and that’s exactly what Galaxy S10 camera Instagram mode is about. The Galaxy S10 has been created to understand your lifestyle very well and to be there every gram on the way! ;)

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