QLED tech. & Smart

QLED technology,
a new way of viewing

QLED technology enables The Frame TV to have superior picture quality and display bold, vivid picture. In the corner text shows the Smart TV is powered by TIZEN.
We enrich your view with billions of colors powered by Samsung's Quantum Dot technology, so you feel the texture of paintings just by looking. With color that's true to life in any light it's an experience that's simpler and smarter than ever.

Looks its best at any moment

Adaptive Picture

We made sure The Frame reads the room, automatically sensing and adjusting the screen's lighting and contrast based on surrounding light so you can enjoy your content at its best. Whether watching videos as the sun shines through the window or enjoying a movie marathon in the dark, you get a view you'll love.

The Frame TV adapts to surrounding light, with the screen bright in a well-lit living room and dimming as the curtains shut.

Technology designed to keep your focus on The Frame. So you won't miss a minute of the action.

Don't miss out on the conversation

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

When you're watching a show full of great one-liners, you don't need to worry about missing a thing. The Frame senses surrounding sound in real time to adjust volume and clarity, so even through the noise you can hear the voices — and the fun.

As a family watches The Frame TV in their living room, a soundwave is seen changing shape to show the TV is adjusting the sound of voices to be heard clearly.

Experience more at once

Multi View

Want to catch up on last week's episode while fitting in a workout? No need to stop watching one for the other. Set up two streams on the screen so you can watch or even listen to both at once, and adjust the size to help you focus. The Frame gives you freedom to watch it all your way.

Samsung The Frame in multi view mode, allowing a woman to simultaneously watch a TV show and follow along with a yoga video.

The Frame bridges the gap between screens and changes your mobile view.

And just tap to mirror

Tap View

Those videos, music, and photos you love? They can all come to life on The Frame with just a tap. Tap your smartphone on The Frame for a smooth and easy way to mirror. It's now even simpler to see your favorites on the bigger screen.

The Frame TV shows what's on a woman's phone screen by her simply tapping the phone to the TV and mirroring it.
* This service only works when TV and mobile are on.

Everything you love, made smart. Sit back, relax, and let The Frame take care of you.

Just talk. The Frame does the rest


Simply talk to The Frame with built-in Bixby Voice Assistant. Change channels or adjust the volume by saying the word, and talk to Samsung's Bixby to discover new shows and a new viewing experience. When you talk, The Frame listens.

* This service scenario are subject to change without notice.
* Voice command functionality works through the remote control.

Your new home office

Remote Access

Get office work done on your TV at home. Remote Access lets you mirror your computer’s display on the TV screen wirelessly. You can even tap into your office PC to access files or work on documents using Microsoft Office 365—all from the comfort of your couch.

Samsung The Frame with remote access, mirrors your computer's display without additional wire. It's allowing you make your own home office.
* Feature availability may vary by model and region.
* TV and computer must be connected to a network.
* Screen sharing (mirroring) is only supported for Windows 10.
* Remote connection to a PC running on Windows is only supported for Windows 7 or later. And the operation system must be a Professional or higher edition.
* Remote connection to a PC running on Mac is only supported for Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
* PC accessories such as mouse and keyboard are sold separately.
* This service requires setting to allow remote connections within a PC.

Everything you need is in your hands

One Remote Control / SmartThings App

Life is easy when you have the One Remote Control in your hands and SmartThings App on your mobile. With the One Remote Control or SmartThings App, you can control all of your connected devices with ease.

One Remote Control seen controlling The Frame. SmartThings is shown on a phone screen displaying artworks from the Art Store and Smart Hub is displayed on The Frame showing both art and other content to enjoy.
* Must download and install the SmartThings app.

Product Lineup

Time to choose your The Frame

Find The Frame that's just right for you and your space.

The Samsung The Frame series comes in many sizes so you can find the one that's right for your space.

Ready to discover the wonder of QLED?

Meet QLED technology and learn what lies behind The Frame TV's brilliant picture.