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Get things done with Microsoft collaboration apps that provide a seamless phone-to-PC experience.

Whether you work from home regularly or you’re new to the remote game, it’s important to set up your home office for serious productivity. Here are some tips—and Microsoft collaboration tools—that are optimized to work well with your Galaxy devices—to help you stay engaged and work efficiently.


Be heard (and seen)

Work remotely without feeling like you are by video chatting with your colleagues. An app like Microsoft Teams is perfect for collaborating from your home office, allowing you to invite everyone you work with to chat, meet and call—all in one place. Just remember to keep the do’s and don’ts of video chatting in mind. Do keep your background free of distractions and the camera at eye level, and don’t forget to switch your mic off when you’re not speaking. Need to run a presentation? Simply use the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite as your remote—pressing the button lets you cycle through slideshows, control video playback and more.


Switch up your routine to stay focused

From keeping your space free of clutter to managing your time effectively, there are some key tricks to keeping your productivity on point—often requiring just a simple tweak. If you want to stay focused and engaged in your virtual meetings, for instance, take handwritten notes instead of typing them. Use the S Pen on your Galaxy Note10—pre-loaded with productivity tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more—to seamlessly convert your handwriting to text, then share your notes via a Microsoft Word doc or an Outlook email. You’ll avoid getting caught up with what’s happening on your screen and help minimise distractions.


Sync your PC and phone to boost productivity

You already split screen time between your phone and PC, so why not do that in a more efficient way? For a seamless phone-to-PC experience, use the Your Phone app on the Galaxy Book Flex to send your Galaxy Note10’s notifications straight to your phone-PC—you'll be able to streamline your working process and respond to your messages from one device. So start making your technology work together—from screen mirroring your phone to PC to syncing passwords, bookmarks and more.*


Set work-from-home boundaries

Maintaining a successful work-life balance is even more important now that you’re working from a home office. To avoid burnout, draw strict boundaries that ensure much-needed breaks and "me time". Use your Outlook calendar to block out regular no-meeting and “out of office” time. And don’t forget to set the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone to mute all calls and alerts, too.

*Availability may vary depending on country or carrier.
*Compatibility and availability of functions and features may vary depending on app.
*To connect your phone to your PC, activate "Link to Windows", and use the "Your Phone" application on your PC. "Your Phone" application is preloaded on PCs with Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later, and is downloadable for Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later versions. Requires a Microsoft Account.

Your home office productivity boosters

Get the job done quickly and efficiently with helpful tools that let you switch between devices with ease for a seamless phone-to-PC experience.

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