Improve your S Pen handwriting on the Galaxy Book Pro 360

Teach your Galaxy Book pro 360 to recognise your handwriting and improve the capability of your S Pen. 


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Open the Windows menu and select the settings icon

Click on Devices

Select Pen & Windows Ink

In the Pen section choose which hand you write with

For more accuracy select Ignore touch input when I'm using my pen

Scroll down and click on Improve recognition

Choose your language

If you are having specific problems with some words choose ‘Target specific recognition errors’

If you are having problems with all of your handwriting choose ‘Teach the recogniser your handwriting style’

With the S Pen teach the recogniser your handwriting style

Follow the instructions through the eight screens

Select Update and exit

Your handwriting samples have been saved

Test the improvement on Samsung Notes

If you want to delete your handwriting samples and start again



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