Connecting Side by Side Refrigerators to the Water Supply

In order to operate correctly your unit must be plumbed in according to the instructions in the user manual.


Full installation instructions are included in the user manual for each model and these should be adhered to. Customers should be advised that Samsung does not accept responsibility for damage resulting from incorrectly connected appliances and all calls to rectify such faults will be fully chargeable.

Method 1 - units with an external filter

1 The external filter should be mounted on a suitable vertical surface (not the appliance) adjacent to the water supply tap.
2 The fittings from the installation kit (see REF-0822) should be used to connect a short length of pipe from the supply tap to the bottom of the filter. (cut a length of pipe from that supplied as necessary)
3 The remaining length of pipe is connected to the top of the filter at one end and on to the water valve on the appliance at the other. This is located behind the rear panel on lower R.H. side of the appliance.

The pipe from the filter is on the right-hand side and is connected to the valve as shown. The other pipe on the left is the water supply from the valve up to the ice maker and this should not be disturbed. The grey hose is the water supply that leads to the chilled water tank inside the bottom of the fridge compartment. This should also be left alone. 


Method 2 - units with an internal filter

1 The connection to the mains water supply is made in the same way as in Method 1.
2 As there is no external filter on these units the pipe from the supply is connected directly to a pipe hanging from the back of the appliance (the black hose shown below).
3 The fitting kit is slightly different in that there is an extra pipe connector supplied for this purpose.


On no account should the pipes behind the front plinth be directly connected to the water supply: doing so will result in immediate flooding as soon as the water supply is turned on.

Depending on the model there will be one or two hose connections behind the front plinth. The RSG5 with the in-door ice-maker has two hoses (as shown) and all other models have one. Note that they are joined black to black and white to clear.


In all cases at least 3 litres of water should be drawn off to purge all the air from the water tank. Also the first few batches of ice may result in small cubes being produced.


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