What should I do when my dishwasher displays the rinse aid indicator?

If the Rinse aid (rinse refill) indicator is lit, it means the dishwasher is low on dishwasher rinse aid and requires a refill. See the detailed instructions below. 

Rinse aid indicator on the control panel

When the Rinse Refill indicator lights up on the control panel, refill the machine with rinse aid. The rinse aid improves the drying performance of the dishwasher. The liquid rinse is automatically added during rinsing, allowing for a clean wash without streaking. 
Rinse aid indicator on the control panel.


  • The actual design of the control panel may differ from the model that you have.
  • This image is just a sample in English, but it is also available in the language of your country.


Dispenser location

The rinse container is located inside the dishwasher door. (It may differ between the models.)

The amount of rinse used for washing can be set by adjusting the dials 1 to 6 on the rinse cap. (More detergent is used as you proceed to 6.)

Dispenser location.

Step 1. Open the detergent dispenser flap by pushing the detergent dispenser release catch.

Open the detergent dispenser flap.

Step 2. Add the recommended amount of detergent into the main wash detergent compartment. 

Add the detergent.

Step 3. Close the flap by sliding it to the left and then pressing it down.

Close the flap.

Step 4. For a better cleaning result, especially if you have very dirty items, add a small amount (about 8 g) of detergent on the door. That will take effect in the prewash phase.

Add a small amount of detergent on the door.

Step 1. Open the door completely and remove the rinse aid cap by turning it counter clockwise.

Remove the rinse aid cap.

Step 2. Add the liquid rinse aid into the dispenser (until the rinse aid level reaches the full mark.)

Add liquid rinse.

Step 3. Close the rinse aid cap by rotating it clockwise.

Close rinse aid cap.

Step 4. Set the rinse aid indicator dial to a number between 1 and 6. The larger the number is, the larger the amount of rinse aid that will be dispensed.

Set the rinse aid indicator dial.

Step 5. Replace the cover. 

  • You can check the amount of rinse aid by the colour of the optical level indicator located next to the cap.
  • When the rinse-aid container is full, the whole indicator will be dark.
  • As the rinse aid diminishes, the size of the dark dot decreases. The rinse aid should be kept above 1/4 full.
Optical level indicator.

Note: If there is no adjustable lever, please refer to the instructions in the user manual.

Rinse aid level setting

You can change the amount of rinse aid applied during a cycle.

Step 1. Press the Sanitise button to select the rinse aid level setting menu. The display shows the current setting. (Default setting is d4)

Step 2. Press the AUTO cycle button to change the setting. You can select from d1 to d5 (minimum to maximum).

Step 3. Wait 5 seconds to save the setting. 

  • Samsung dishwashers are designed to use liquid rinse aid only.
  • All dishwasher cycles require detergent in the detergent compartment. Add the correct amount of detergent for the selected cycle to ensure the best performance.
  • Use dishwasher detergent only. Regular detergent produces too much foam, which may decrease the dishwasher’s performance or cause it to malfunction.
  • Add rinse before the rinse aid leaves below 1/4.
  • If the rinse dispenser cap is hard to open, use a coin.
  • Keep dishwasher detergent out of the reach of children.

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