Prepare your Samsung TV or appliance for in home repair

If you’ve got an issue with your Samsung TV or appliance and you need support in your home, then we have got you covered. You can book a repair with Samsung support and we will help you get your issue sorted. When receiving a home visit from any of the Samsung support team it is important that you prepare your TV or appliance for the technician’s arrival. Watch the following video or read the steps below to find out how to prepare your device for home support.  

Preparing your device for in home support

Before the technician arrives at your home there are a number of steps you should complete to ensure you are safe and prepared and to allow the technician to do the best job possible.

1 Please wipe down your product so it is clean and sanitary.
2 Make sure there is enough space around your product. Appliances should not be stacked on one another.
3 Please remove your TV from the wall before the technician arrives.
4 Have your proof of purchase available for the engineer, if possible.

For more information on warranties and support services read our FAQ on how to book a repair for your PC, Office or Storage product.

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If you need to get in contact with Samsung for further assistance visit Samsung Support.


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