Galaxy Gear end of service

Galaxy Gear is the former name for Samsung's wearables lineup. Beginning in 2018, the wearables joined the Galaxy family and are now called by that name.  

New Samsung devices released in 2021 will no longer be compatible with select Galaxy Gear wearables. Samsung is committed to providing the best possible mobile experience, and this decision has been made as the existing service quality cannot be maintained through app updates alone.

If you are upgrading to a 2021 Samsung mobile device, the following Galaxy Gear wearables will be unable to connect:

  • Gear1
  • Gear2
  • Gear2 Neo
  • Gear S
  • Gear Fit

Galaxy wearables include a wide range of wearable products including the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active2, and more. Find out more about galaxy wearables.

Please note: if you are currently using a Galaxy Gear wearable with a Samsung mobile device released before 2021, you will still be able to connect.

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