How do I get Samsung Pay Card?

How do I get Samsung Pay Card?

To start enjoying everything that Samsung Pay Card has to offer, you first need to set up Samsung Pay on your phone. Once set up, you can sync multiple loyalty and bank cards in one easy place. This all-new digital payment solution offers Samsung customers greater flexibility and control over their finances, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

How do I set up Samsung pay Card?

To get started with Samsung Pay Card, you will first need to set up Samsung Pay on your phone. Once you have completed the setup process, there are two ways to get your very own Samsung Pay Card.

1 Click on the Samsung Pay Card starter card you'll see in you Samsung Pay app.
2 Click the banner at the top of your Samsung Pay app.
How do I add an additional card to Samsung Pay Card?

To add an additional payment card to your Samsung Pay Card, open the Curve app and select the "Wallet" tab. From there, swipe to find the "+" symbol. You'll be prompted to scan your payment card using your phone's camera, you can tap "Enter card details manually" to type in the card number, expiry date, and CVV yourself.


When you add your payment card to Curve, we will send through a small charge to verify that your card is active. There are two ways we might verify your card, 3DS verification and sending you a microcharge. If using 3DS, your card will verify automatically in the app. With a microcharge, we'll send your payment card a small charge (under £1.50, or equivalent in your payment card’s currency) which is immediately refunded. In the transaction reference we’ll embed a code which you’ll need to verify your card.

What is Curve Cash?

Curve Cash is found in the Curve app. The Curve Cash card is where you’ll find the total cashback points you’ve earned from spending at your preferred merchants and also from your purchases on


Use your cashback points within the Curve Cash card to make purchases where Mastercard® is accepted. To redeem points, select your Curve Cash Card in the app before you make your purchase. You will need to have enough points to cover your entire purchase.

How do I view and retrieve my cashback rewards?

When spending at your selected retailers, you'll instantly receive cashback points onto your Curve Cash card. Once you've accumulated points, you can use them to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® and Visa branded credit and debit cards are accepted.


To use your points, select your Curve Cash Card as your active payment method in the Curve app before you make your purchase. Make sure that you have enough points to cover your entire purchase, otherwise it'll be declined. 

How do I add Samsung Pay Card to my watch?

You need to download the Galaxy Wearable app to add Samsung pay to your watch.


You can then add Samsung Pay Card to your watch through the Galaxy Wearable app.

Where do I order a Physical Card?

To order your physical Samsung Pay Card, head to the Curve app under the account section where you can confirm your delivery address. There is a £4.99 fee for shipping and handling. 

Samsung Pay Card
How does Samsung Pay Card affect my relationship with my bank?

We don’t have a direct relationship with any card issuers or banks, and using Samsung Pay Card doesn’t change the relationship you have with your banks and credit card providers.


You'll continue to receive statements from your card issuer as you’d expect. Transactions made with your Samsung Pay Card will appear as CRV* - “Merchant Name” (for example: CRV* - Samsung) on your statements.


Finally, it’s worth noting that we pass through the Merchant Category Code (MCC) to your card issuer to let them know the type of transaction you’re making.

Can I use Samsung Pay Card with TFL services?

Yes, you need to set-up Samsung Pay Card as a 'transport card' to use on TFL services. This option means you don't even need to wake your phone or verify with a fingerprint, iris scanner or PIN - simply touch the middle section of your phone against the card reader.

What happens after the 90 days 1% cash back offer ends?

As a global tech leader, Samsung continuously endeavours to deliver the best opportunities to our customers. We are exploring opportunities with Curve on what this could look like after the introductory offer ends.

Where do I find the 16 digit card number, expiry date and CCV of the Samsung Pay Card?

This can be found in the Curve app, by selecting the Account Tab and clicking on View card details. You will be asked for your 4 digit passcode or biometric identification. This will enable you to view and copy your 16 digit card number for 30 seconds.

Can I make purchase using Samsung Pay card from my watch?

You can pay with Samsung Pay Card on your watch as with any other card on Samsung Pay. 

Where do I add my loyalty cards?

You can add your loyalty cards on Samsung Pay.

Where do I find my transactions?
1 Transactions in Samsung Pay (simplified summary of recent transactions)
2 Transactions in the Curve App (detailed spend summary with view across all your spending cards)

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