How do I set up the 4G connection on my Galaxy Watch 4G?

How do I set up the 4G connection on my Galaxy watch 4G

The Galaxy Watch 4G gives you freedom from your phone. Feel free to leave your smartphone behind while staying connected to everything you love. Take calls, receive messages and get notifications from your phone right there on your wrist. You can even leave your wallet behind, with Samsung Pay making purchases as easy as a flick of the wrist.

Compatible devices

The Galaxy Watch 4G is compatible with Samsung devices that have the following specifications:


  • the operating system is Android 5.0 or above
  • the device has more than 1.5GB of memory


In the UK you will also need to be on the EE or Vodafone mobile network to use the 4G connectivity.

Activating the 4G connection on your Galaxy Watch 4G

Please note: that you will need to keep your Galaxy Watch and phone close together until all the steps have been completed

Before you begin:

  • Ensure your smartphone is compatible 
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Make sure that your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi or to mobile data
  • Make sure your Galaxy Watch 4G is charged

To set up the 4G connection, you will first have to pair your watch with your smartphone:

1 Turn on your Galaxy Watch 4G by pressing and holding the lower side button until you see the Samsung logo
Samsung Watch
2 Open the Samsung Wearable app on your phone

This can be found in the Samsung folder if it was pre-installed. If you can't find in the Samsung folder, you may need to tap Add apps before proceeding. Otherwise, you can download it from Galaxy Apps or from the Play Store.

Samsung Wearable
3 Tap Start, Connect new wearable or Start the journey

Depending on your phone, a message may be displayed advising 'A new device has been detected' or 'Search the new Galaxy Watch. Tap Add now or Continue, then skip to step 6.

4 Choose the Galaxy Watch you want to connect, you may need to scroll down for this
5 The phone and the Galaxy Watch will start to pair up

You will need to check that the numbers shown on your phone match what's shown on the Galaxy Watch. 

If the numbers match, tap Confirm on your phone and the tick icon on the Galaxy watch.

If the numbers do not match, tap Cancel on your phone and the cross icon on the Galaxy Watch.

6 Your phone will then start setting up the connection between your phone and the Galaxy Watch
7 You will now be asked to allow permissions on the app, and to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you have read these, tap Continue or Next.
8 Follow the on-screen instructions, to finish pairing the devices

Now that your Watch 4G is paired with your phone, you can set up the 4G connection:

1 Tap Get started or scroll down and tap Mobile plans
Get started selected
Mobile plans selected
2 Tap Use code
Use code selected
3 Scan the QR code provided by your mobile provider to set up an eSim
4 The 4G connection of your Galaxy Watch 4G will now be set up

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