How to activate Dolby Atmos on my Galaxy J6+

With Dolby Atmos sound moves around you in a three-dimensional space, so you feel like you’re inside the scene.

Due to the amplification of small sounds, white noise can be heard loudly in a quiet environment when you playback captured audio or video files. 

Activate Dolby Atmos through Settings

Please note: Dolby Atmos may only be activated when headphones are plugged in.

1 Open “Settings” and tap “Sounds and vibration”.
Tap Sounds and vibration
2 Open “Advanced sound settings”.
Open Advanced sound settings
3 Tap “Sound quality and effects”.
Tap Sound quality and effects
4 Slide the “Dolby Atmos” switch to activate.
Swipe to activate Dolby Atmos.
5 Tap “Dolby Atmos", and you can now select different modes from the Dolby Atmos list.
Tap Dolby Atmos
Select mode from list

Please note: Some sound effects are not supported when Dolby Atmos is turned on.  

Activate Dolby Atmos through the Notification panel

1 Pull down the notification panel by sliding down from the top of the device.
Pull down the notification panel
2 Swipe left on the notification panel to view more options.
Swipe left on the notification panel
3 Tap “Dolby Atmos”.
Tap Dolby Atmos
Select mode from list

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