How to install a nano-SIM card and eSIM on the Galaxy S22 Series

SIM cards are a vital part of your Galaxy phone. Without one, you won't be able to do anything. It's important to know how to insert and activate a SIM card or eSIM, in case you need to have two phone numbers for a single device.

Before you try the recommendations below, be sure to check if your device's software and related apps are updated to the latest version. To update your mobile device's software, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on Download and install.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What is a nano-SIM card and eSIM?

SIM cards give you access to your wireless service provider's mobile data network so you can make calls, send messages, and more. To have two phone numbers or service providers for a single device, you can activate an eSIM or insert two SIM cards.

Differing from a physical nano-SIM card, an eSIM is an embedded digital SIM. Please note that using both the nano-SIM card and eSIM at the same time may result in slower data transfer speeds in some areas.

SIM card comparison2 SIM card comparison2


SIM card comparison3 SIM card comparison3


  • Dual SIM Scenario: SIM1 (Physical SIM) + SIM2 (Physical SIM or eSIM)

Inserting the SIM correctly into the dual SIM card tray

If you do not insert the SIM card correctly, your phone may not recognise the SIM card. Check that your SIM card is placed on the tray with the gold-coloured contact facing upwards and is fixed firmly into the tray.

For Galaxy S22 Series phones that are designed to support dual SIM cards, SIMs can be placed on both the front and back of the dual SIM card tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing outwards.

SIM card tray1 SIM card tray1

SIM1 (Front side)

SIM card tray2 SIM card tray2

SIM2 (Back side)

install SIM card step 1 install SIM card step 1

Step 1. Insert the ejection pin into the hole on the tray to release the tray.

install SIM card step 2 install SIM card step 2

Step 2. Pull the tray out gently from the tray slot.

install SIM card step 3 install SIM card step 3

Step 3. Place the SIM or USIM card on the tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing outwards and gently press the SIM or USIM card into the tray to secure it.

install SIM card step 4 install SIM card step 4

Step 4. Insert the tray back into the tray slot.


  • If the SIM card is not placed exactly in the slots on the tray, returning the tray into the tray slot may not work or the SIM card may not be recognised once inside.
  • Only use a nano-SIM card.
  • Ensure that the ejection pin is perpendicular to the hole; otherwise, the device may become damaged.
  • If the card is not fixed firmly into the tray, the SIM card may fall out of the tray.
  • If you insert the tray into your device while the tray is wet, your device may become damaged. Always make sure the tray is dry.
  • Fully insert the tray into the tray slot to prevent liquid from entering your device.

Your Galaxy S22 Series phone includes an eSIM which functions as a SIM card. You can use the mobile network after activating the eSIM or installing a nano-SIM card. To activate an eSIM, follow the steps below.

activate an eSIM step 1 activate an eSIM step 1

Step 1. Launch the Settings app and tap Connections.

activate an eSIM step 2 activate an eSIM step 2

Step 2. Tap SIM card manager.

activate an eSIM step 3 activate an eSIM step 3

Step 3. Tap Add mobile plan.

activate an eSIM step 4 activate an eSIM step 4

Step 4. When a mobile plan is found, follow the on-screen instructions to activate the eSIM.

If you have a QR code provided by your service provider, launch the Settings app, tap Connections > SIM card manager > Add mobile plan > Scan carrier QR code, and then scan the QR code.


  • An eSIM requires a wireless service plan and allows you to activate a mobile network plan without the use of a nano-SIM.
  • eSIM usage may not be available depending on the region, service provider, or model.

You can customise the SIM card settings and activate or deactivate installed SIM cards in the SIM card manager menu. Launch the Settings app and tap Connections > SIM card manager.

  • SIM cards: Activate the SIM card you want to use and customise the SIM card settings.
  • eSIMs: Activate the eSIM.
  • Preferred SIM card: Specify which SIM cards you want to use for specific features, such as voice calls, when there are two cards activated.
  • Auto data switching: Set the device to use another SIM card for data services, if the preferred SIM card cannot connect to the network.
  • More SIM card settings: Customise the call or eSIM settings.


  • Some services that require a network connection may not be available depending on the service provider.
  • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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