Key features of the Knox Suite

Key features of the Knox Suite

Knox Suite gives you a complete set of tools to secure, deploy and manage your enterprise’s corporate mobile devices. Comprising Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrolment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA, it provides comprehensive solutions that make the entire device lifecycle simple, secure and efficient.

Key Benefits of Knox Suite
1 All-in-one package - An end-to-end solution that covers every step of your enterprise mobility journey.
2 Simplified license management - You only need one license key to use all included products.
3 Streamlined onboarding process - Register once and gain access to all included Knox products.
4 Seamless IT admin user experience - IT admin can easily access bundled Knox consoles through single sign-on.
What is included in Knox Suite?

Knox Suite is a bundled offering that includes the following Knox products:


  • Knox Platform for Enterprise - A Knox solution that lets enterprise IT admins apply military-grade security and management features like robust data protection, granular device monitoring and control, and versatile credential and certificate management to Samsung Android phones, tablets, and Tizen watches for business.


  • Knox Mobile Enrollment - A Knox solution that allows you to enrol thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once. When end users turn on their devices and connect to the network, they are automatically enrolled to your enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider.


  • Knox Manage - A Knox solution that allows you to remotely manage your fleet of mobile devices. With this EMM, you create various policies to control how users can use their devices.


  • Knox E-FOTA - A Knox solution that allows you to remotely deploy OS and security updates to your devices without requiring user interaction. With Knox E-FOTA, you create a campaign, specify the campaign period, assign devices to that campaign, and select the firmware update to be pushed to those devices during the campaign period.


With Knox Suite, a single license key allows you to use all included Knox products on your devices. This means that you can use the same Knox Suite license key in multiple Knox service admin portals.

What will Knox Suite do for my business?



The Knox security platform is built into Samsung devices, securing them from the moment you unpack and turn them on. It offers multi-layered hardware and software security features such as data encryption and data isolation that protect your devices against intrusion, malware, and malicious threats. Samsung devices are specially designed to block attempts at tampering, from boot-up, runtime and even when powered off and personal data is protected from mobile threats such as randomware, malware and unauthorised rooting. Look for Samsung products marked with Secured by Knox.

Secured by Knox



Samsung Knox makes deploying and configuring phones, tablets and wearables easy so that they are automatically provisioned as soon as they are powered on. IT admins and System Integrators can automatically activate IT policies and customise devices for a wide range of applications. For example, they can develop purpose-built info kiosks, point-of-sales terminals, inventory trackers, or entertainment systems.




Remotely control mandatory OS versions and security updates on corporate devices, schedule specific timed updates across all managed devices, and deploy stable OS versions for business apps. As a Knox Suite customer, you also benefit from access to the latest Knox features which you can seamlessly integrate into your organisation upon release.

Which devices are supported?

Device compatibility with Knox solutions vary depending on the region and/or latest Knox platform version supported. Please contact your local Samsung sales team for details.

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