Using The Freestyle remote control

The Freestyle comes with a remote control, allowing you to control it from a distance. Find out more about how to use the remote, pair it with your device, and charge it when required.

Please note: the images, buttons, and functions may differ by model or geographical area.

The remote should be used within 6m from the projector. The wireless distance may be affected by environmental factors.

When you turn on The Freestyle for the first time, the remote control will pair automatically. If the remote does not pair automatically, point it at the front of The Freestyle and press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons for three seconds while pointing at the front of the Freestyle. 

The Freestyle remote control contains an internal Super Capacitor, which is similar to a rechargeable battery. The remote can be charged by connecting it to a USB-C charger, such as the one provided with The Freestyle. 

While the remote is charging a light at the top of the remote will be red. Once charged, the light will turn off.

Before the remote can be used for the first time, a small plastic tab must be removed from the bottom of the remote. Once removed, the internal power source is connected and the remote can be used.

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