How do I find the instruction manual for my Samsung TV?

How to find instruction manual & user guide for your Samsung TV

Your instruction manual is an informative document designed to give you all the information needed to operate your TV. With information on how to navigate the TV, tips on care, and information on all its functions, the instruction manual offers comprehensive solutions and answers to many of your TV questions.  

There are a number of different manuals that provide information and guidance to help you use your TV. Some of the most common manuals are explained below.

e-Manual: This is the most comprehensive manual. It contains detailed instructions on how to use your TV. As long as your TV is connected to the internet, the e-Manual will always be up to date, including any new features added with software updates.

The e-Manual is useful at every stage of your TV’s life, from set-up to troubleshooting.

Please note: Some features mentioned in the e-manual may not be available on all models or in all geographical areas.

Quick Guide or Quick Setup Guide: This shows how to physically install your TV. This is ideal for when you are first setting up your TV and getting to know its functions. It uses images to take you through the steps.

User Manual: This contains basic information on usage, setup, care, and safety information for your TV.

Firmware Update User Manual: This explains how to update your TV software using either a USB or Wi-Fi.

You can access your user manual directly through your TV. For televisions manufactured after 2021 please follow the steps below:

1 Navigate to Menu
Menu selected on Samsung smart TV
2 Select Settings
Settings selected in Samsung smart TV menu
3 Select All Settings
Settings selected in Samsung smart TV menu
4 Select Support
Support selected in Samsung smart TV menu
5 Select Open e-Manual
Open e-Manual selected in Samsung smart TV menu

For TV models manufactured before 2021, follow these steps:

Please note: Samsung remote controls vary across TV models. The two most common styles are shown below.

Samsung smart TV remotes
1 Press the home button to open smart hub.
Home button on a Samsung TV remote control
2 Select Settings.
Settings selected in Samsung smart TV menu
3 Select Support.
Support selected in Samsung smart TV settings menu
4 Select Open e-Manual to open the manual.
Open e-Manual selected in Samsung smart TV settings menu

2 Enter your model number into the Product Support search bar.

Please note: You can use our article on where to find the model number and serial number for your product to help you locate your number.

Product support section of Samsung Support site
3 Click on your product in the dropdown. This will open the device page.
Model number drop-down menu on Product support site
4 Click on Manuals and Downloads
Manuals and downloads selected on device page of support site
5 Click Download.
Download selected in Manuals and downloads section of device page

For more support please visit Samsung Support.

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