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Terms and Conditions


The following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • “Samsung Product” shall mean the Samsung mobile product (e.g., smartphones)
  • “Samsung Care” shall mean the extended warranty provided by Samsung on mobile phones.
  • “Basic Warranty” shall mean the warranty set forth in the product documentation provided at the time of the original date of purchase or supply of new Samsung Product.
  • “Basic Warranty Period” shall mean a period during which the Basic Warranty applies.
  • “Extended Warranty Period” shall mean a period of the extended warranty, commencing on the expiry of the Basic Warranty Period.
The Extended Warranty Plan

The plan extends the warranty on the Samsung Product for a year. The plan safeguards your handset from technical and mechanical problems. The plan can be purchased only when the Samsung product is within basic warranty. During the Extended Warranty Period, Samsung will, at its option, repair or replace any device defects in the Samsung Product (collectively “Warranty Services”) without additional charges. Unless specified otherwise, repair or exchange conditions will follow the terms and conditions of the Basic Warranty. The warranty in respect of a repaired or replaced item shall be for the remainder of the Extended Warranty Period. All original items replaced in the performance of services shall become the property of Samsung and the new or replacement parts will become the property of the Customer. Purchase of extended warranty is voluntary. Purchase of extended warranty constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions by the customer.

Coverage Period

The period of coverage would commence the day after the basic warranty of the product ends. The plan shall remain active for 365 days from the starting date (including the start date). To obtain plan conformation and to know the exact start date and end date of the plan please register the Certificate Number (provided with the plan) with Samsung.

What is covered?

Complete Coverage of mobile handset is provided by Samsung through authorized service centers. The customer will be able to repair the product free of charge for defects arising out technical and mechanical problems. The Samsung will repair the Samsung Product free of cost using new or refurbished parts that are equal to new ones in performance. Battery (Swelling & Leakage battery only) is covered.

What is not covered?

Accessories provided with the handset like charger, data cable, stylus, cosmetic/aesthetic parts and any other accessories supplied in the box, End of life battery & battery charging issue are not covered in the extended warranty plan.

Conditions for applicability of the plan
  • Extended Warranty applies only to the Samsung Product purchased within India
  • Extended Warranty Services are only available in India
  • Extended warranty is not applicable for refurbished Samsung products
  • Extended Warranty must be registered online before expiry of the Basic Warranty period.
  • Extended warranty is subject to verification of the documents and/or information provided by the customer and Samsung reserves the right to seek such additional documents and/or information from the customer as it may deem appropriate.
  • The product must be used in accordance with the instructions on the instruction manual, as determined by Samsung personnel
  • Extended warranty shall not be applicable in case the product is used for commercial purpose.
  • Extended warranty is being offered by Samsung in its sole discretion and Samsung reserves the right to refuse, suspend or withdraw the extended warranty at any time without prior notice.
  • The extended warranty plan shall not apply to damages or defects caused by the following
  • Physical damage caused by abuse accident misuse, liquid log in any part earthquake, fire, short circuit or any other kind of damages external or internal
  • Use of non-standard or non-authorized, defective and incompatible parts or installation of unauthorized software in the handset
  • Repair, modification or other work carried out on the Samsung Product other than by authorized Samsung service personnel
  • Use with non-Samsung recommended accessories like battery charger etc. being used with the handset
Refund Transfer and Cancellation
  • In case the customer wants to cancel the extended warranty before completion of the extended warranty period, there shall be no refund of the charges for the unexpired period of the extended warranty.
  • The extended warranty is not transferrable to a third party or product.
Force Majeure

Samsung shall not be liable for any failure in service as a result of Samsung, or Samsung's agents employees or contractors being delayed, prevented or hindered in the performance of its obligations under this Extended Warranty by reason of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such circumstances include, but are not limited to, fire, flood, acts of God, change in law and regulations, and civil disorder.

Device and Data
  • The device bought to the service center will remain at the service center at customer’s risk and Samsung shall not be responsible for any damages caused due to factors beyond its control.
  • The Customer shall be responsible for backing up and otherwise protecting its data against loss, damage or destruction. Samsung shall not be liable for the loss of any data howsoever caused, incurred while Samsung’s provision of the Warranty Service.
How to get Service
  • To get service please walk in to the closest Samsung Authorized Service centres.
  • To know the details of the closest service centre please call
  • Customer is supposed to produce the proof of extended warranty registration if required

Samsung shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages losses or expenses (including without limitation lost profits, loss of use or loss of data, goodwill, reputation or lost business) arising directly or indirectly, from the purchase use or sale of the Samsung product, whether or not Samsung was advised or aware of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. With the exception of Samsung's liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law, Samsung's liability to the customer under the extended warranty shall not exceed the price paid by the customer for the Samsung product.