Top load washing machines
Powerful & hygienic wash
Top load washing machines
Top load washing machines
Latest technology

Everyday washing made effortless

The new Samsung ActivWash+ gives you the flexibility to wash your clothes the way you want it. Featuring thoughtful innovations, ActivWash+ gives you the best cleaning performance that’s also gentle on fabric.

Built-in sink

Extra Sink to Soak and Scrub

Take care of your delicate and heavily soiled clothes without having to treat them separately. An added 1kg built-in sink above the drum provides the perfect space for you to soak and scrub.

Water jet

Dissolves detergent better for less residue.

The dual propellers in Magic Dispenser dissolve
detergent in water with fewer residues and
consume less detergent and water

Magic Dispenser

Gentle care with outstanding washing performance

Stainless Steel Pulsator provides complete hygiene and has the most superior corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel Pulsator provides the gentlest care to your clothes and delivers more durable washing performance.

Wobble technology

Powerful currents for better wash

Wobble Technology comes with the all new Wobble Pulsator which washes clothes with multi-directional water currents. It prevents fabric damage, prevents tangling of clothes and removes stains thoroughly.

Top Loading Washing machine with wobble technology
Latest Top loader washing machine
Diamond drum technology
Diamond Drum Technology

Clothes sparkle like diamonds

The unique diamond-shaped design of Diamond Drum not only removes deep stains but also ensures less wash-related damage of clothes by preventing the laundry from sticking out.

Innovative and efficient performance

Top Load Fully automatic washing machine - Magic filter
Magic Filter

Effective filtration for cleaner clothes Get cleaner clothes using the advanced filtration process of the Magic Filter. The filter is located at a lower position than in conventional machines for better collection of lint, even at low water levels.

Top Load Washing machine with Digital Inverter Technology
Digital Inverter Technology

Gives you high energy efficiency Get powerful performance by utilizing strong magnets and energy efficient performance to keep your electricity bills low.

10 Years Warranty on motor
10 Years Warranty on motor

For total peace of mind Enjoy outstanding performance for a long time with a 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor.

3 Years Warranty on complete machine
3 Years Warranty on complete machine

Ensures a long lasting performance Use your machine with full confidence since it comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Smart Check
Smart Check

A simple troubleshooting mode which monitors and diagnoses technical problems and gives solutions through an app

Features may vary from model to model. Terms and conditions apply on 3 years and 10 years warranty. Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary. All features, specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice. Model availability may vary from location to location.