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Color Volume 100% by Quantum Dot

We want you to enjoy color the way it’s meant to be seen. Enjoy famous works as seen in a gallery and see movies come to life in every scene with true-to-life 100% color volume and the boldcontrast of Dual LED. No matter the angle, you get incredible detail and texture.

The Frame TV - 10 Year No SCREEN BURN-IN Warranty

*Depends on product usage.

No Screen Burn-in

Experience the amazing quality for years

Quantum dots are inorganic materials that consistently provide bright and vivid image quality for years. This means the display doesn’t burn-out with time, and the amazing colors and details you see today will stay the same over time.

Samsung The Frame TV - Quantum Dots

Powerful intelligence for perfection

Quantum Processor 4K

Samsung's powerful processor optimizes picture quality to excellent viewing conditions, improving all your content.

  • Upgrade what
    you like to 4K

    4K AI Upscaling

    4K AI upscaling uses Samsung’s powerful Quantum Processor, automatically analyzing the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text. Now you can get 4K resolution images and sound, regardless of the source.

    The Frame TV - Quantum Processor 4K
  • Surroundings
    change, picture

    Adaptive Picture

    Actively adapts to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness. Experience perfect picture, no matter what time of day or content you’re watching.

* Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.

Frame Design

Designed to look like
a picture frame

Frame-look Design

The Frame has bezels that are just beautiful like you’d find on art gallery wall. Tasteful, elegant, beautiful.

The Frame TV -  Frame-look Design The Frame TV -  Frame-look Design

*Customizable bezels sold seperately. Available colors may vary by region.

  • Hangs like a
    real frame

    No Gap Wall-Mount

    The Frame sits flush against the wall. It blends in seamlessly from
    any angle and helps unify your interior design.

    *Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.
    *A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly.
    *The actual angle when tilting may vary by product size.

    Cleans up
    your space

    One Invisible Connection

    No more unsightly mess of wires. The One Invisible Connection
    lets The Frame become a seamless part of your interior design by
    connecting it to the cables hidden away in the One Connect Box.

    *Device must be connected to One Connect Box
    *Compatible devices only.

  • The Frame TV - Hangs like a Real Frame

Art Mode

When The Frame is off,
masterpieces appear

Art Mode

The only TV you’ll want to watch even when it’s off. That’s because when The Frame is turned off while in Art Mode, it elegantly exhibits your personal art collection in a way that matches your style and enhances your space.

The Frame TV - Art Mode
  • Curated art
    just for you

    Auto Curation

    Just like your own personal art agent, it learns your style and taste and recommends art.

  • Create your own


    The best gallery is the one you create yourself. Choose your favorite works and see them in a new light. Enjoy having your own art collection in your own home.

  • Frame your most
    loved moments

    My Collection

    You can easily upload and exhibit your own photographyor a new family portrait. Simply send your photos to The Frame via your phone or a USB flash drive.

  • Elevate your photos
    best to new artistic heights


    Upload your photos to My Collection and choose from six aesthetic filters to turn your personal photos into masterpieces.

**Personal photos uploaded to the Frame will be displayed at the original resolution.
Displaying 4k(3840*2160 pixels) and above image is recommended.

  • See your art the way
    it's meant to be seen

    Brightness Sensor

    Day or night, the Brightness Sensor detects ambient light and automatically
    balances the screen’s brightness and color tone to keep your art looking natural,
    the way it was meant to be seen.

    **Personal photos uploaded to the Frame will be displayed at the original resolution.
    Displaying 4k(3840*2160 pixels) and above image is recommended.

  • The Frame TV - Brightness Sensor
  • The Frame TV - Motion Sensor
  • Art that comes alive
    when you enter the room

    Motion Sensor

    The Motion Sensor detects when you leave the room and turns
    Art Mode off to save energy. Then later when you enter the room
    again Motion Sensor makes the art come alive.

    *Motion sensor operates when turned on in Art Mode. Performance may vary depending on lighting condition.

Art Store

The Frame TV - Art Store

We bring the beauty of a distinguished art collection into your living room. No matter the occasion,
you will find the perfect piece of art to suit your mood. Now you'll see us reinventing
your space as a new art gallery, each and every day.

Bringing world-class
galleries to you

Art Store

Curate your personal art collection from top art galleries around the world. Bring classics and contemporary masterpieces straight to your home with your free trial. Get unlimited access by becoming a full member.

*The Art Store may not be available in some countries.
*Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.

Thousands of art museum pieces

Download the coupon and join the art store now!
Get an additional 3 months subscription for free*.

*TnC apply. Offer applicable from 1st May’20 till 31st Dec 2020.


Technology designed to keep your
focus on The Frame.
So you won't miss a minute of the action.

The Frame TV - Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) The Frame TV - Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

Don’t miss out on the conversation

Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)

The frame senses surround sound in real time to adjust volume and clarity.

Experience more at once

Multi View

The Frame gives you freedom to watch it all your way.
Set up two streams on the screen so that you can watch or even listen to both at once,
and adjust the size to help you focus.

The Frame TV - Multi View Feature

Enjoy what's on your mobile on The Frame

Mobile Mirroring

With the SmartThings app, seamlessly mirror and play your favorite videos, music and photos on the The Frame’s big beautiful screen. And with AirPlay 2 built-in, you can effortlessly stream, share and mirror right from your favorite Apple device.

The Frame TV - Mobile Mirroring Feature
*Airplay 2 Functionality is available on all 2020 and later Samsung smart TV.
*Apple and AirPlay 2 are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries.
*AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later.
*Tripod isn’t part of product. Customer to check availability for Tripod for its availability before purchase.
  • Get what you want just by speaking up

    Multiple Voice Assistants

    Everything is so much easier with voice control. Now you can quickly access favorite content, get answers, and even control your TV and other connected devices in your home. Just tell it what you want.

    * Samsung may at any time and in its sole discretion without prior warning or notice change the Services or suspend and/or cease providing the Services or any part of the Services. Content, TV services and capabilities pictured may not be available in all regions and territories. This service availability may not yet be available at the time of purchase of this product.
    * Bixby voice commands recognize English (US/UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions recognized.
    * Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
    * Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

  • Multiple Voice Assistants
  • Smart Hub, One Remote Control and Hot Keys
  • Access various content from set top box, game console, app and Live TV through

    Smart Hub, One Remote Control and Hot Keys

    It’s all you need to discover tons of different content in one place and get maximum enjoyment. The sleek One Remote Control keeps it simple, allowing you to quickly search all your favorite content from your set-top box to game console, apps, and even live TV.

    * Service may not be launched at the same time as QLED, and the availability may vary by region.

Product Lineup

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Find The Frame that’s just right for you and your space.

meet the frame lineup
 Meet the Frame LINEUP  Meet the Frame LINEUP

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