What is a Smart Filter in Samsung Compact Camera?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

Smart Filter allows you to be creative with your pictures and videos.It makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. Plus, Zooming Shot adds motion lines to make it look like you're speeding towards your subject.






There are many different settings to choose from


 Darkens edges giving it a retro look


 Blurs the top and bottom, tilt shift effect


 Gives the picture a rounded wide angle effect


 Turns the photo into a pencil drawing


 Clarifies and reduces reflection

 Half Dot

 Gives the photo a pop art type of effect


 Softens the edges for a ‘dreamy’ effect



NOTE : There are several other settings you can choose from. For more details refer users manual or product specification chart.

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