What are the requirements to downgrade your system to Windows 7?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Every Operating system have their own Advantages and drawbacks. It varies from user to user. Similarly, Windows 7 have its own strong points if compared to Windows 8. Here are few points to remember if one needs to downgrade their PC from Windows 8 to Windows 7 due better compatibility of the latter :




Requirements :


A Windows 7 Installation disc : Make sure you insert the disc before you start the installation process.

● Take a back up of your data in external source as all data will be removed in this process.

● Ensure that your system is plugged in and not running on batteries as the whole process might take some time and if the system switches OFF in between, the installation has to be commenced from the start.

Once you have verified and checked the above points, you can start your installation process. 


NOTE : One can not take back up of Windows 8 Operating system before re-installing windows 7 if the upgrade was done directly from Internet /Online.

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