Error codes displayed on the panel of Samsung Dishwasher

Last Update date : Apr 28. 2021





         When they occur




Flow-meter in air-breaker don’t

detect proper pulse counts in water filling period. (about 237 pulse per 1 liter)

In water-fill period, it can’t

detect proper flow-meter

pulse counts for 4 minute.

1. Water tap is closed or water intake is restricted.

2. Water pressure is too low.

3. Water inlet valve or Flow-meter is not working.

4. Drain-pump is not working. (Water pressure SW detect high level. so, can not fill any more water.)


     In any mode, Heater is not                 working.

  In Heater operation step,

- Do not reach to required

temp. for 60 minutes.

1. Heater or temperature sensor is breakdown.

2. Water in Tub is too low on Heater operation step.

3. Low level Protect device is not working.


During power-on, the leakage sensor switch is kept ON for 2 seconds. (Have priority over other errors )

Floater in leakage sensor

Press the micro switch.

1. Overfilled into the dishwasher.

2. Leak from somewhere to bottom tray.


In any mode, short/open circuit

of thermistor is detected.


Short/Open circuit or break of temperature sensor.



Error treatment


a). The drain pump will work for 2 minutes with other loads all off if it enters the error state. The buzzer will beep 30 seconds for warning with the digital tubes displaying the error code. In the period, the flow-meter will be checked all the time, and once 45 pulses cumulated, the draining will go again.


b). The leakage error is in the highest priority, which means no other error will occur in the leakage error disposal. If the leakage error happens during washing, the wash pump will be running for more 120 seconds, but it shuts down if door opened.


c). The heat step will continue at most 25 minutes. After 10 minute, if the temperature haven’t raise for 3 degrees, the heater will shut down and no longer work in this washing stage.


d). Open the door during error dispose state, the count time for drain will hold on.

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