How to drain the washing machine in emergency cases?

Last Update date : Mar 16. 2021

You will need the Emergency Drain when the door of the washing machine is locked or the machine is showing an Unbalanced Load (Ub) error. This process also covers cleaning the debris filter in the machine which is a good thing to do every 2 months. Follow the steps below to safely drain the water from your washing machine.

Step 1. Power off and unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet.

Step 2. Place a towel and flat containers to collect the water and place them all near the filter cover on the bottom of the machine.

Step 3. Gently press the top area of the filter cover (A) to open it.

Step 4. Slowly pull out the emergency drain tube (C) while holding the tube cap (B).

Step 5. Open the tube cap (B) and let water in the emergency drain tube (C) flow into the container. There will be a lot of water - keep a second container handy to rotate them when filled.

Note: The drained water during high-temperature cleaning or conditioning is hot, so be careful of burns or injury.

Step 6. When the water has drained completely, unscrew the filter knob by turning it to the left (counterclockwise).

Step 7. Clean the pump filter using soft brushes. Make sure the drain pump propeller inside the filter is unclogged.

Step 8. Reinsert the pump filter and turn the filter knob clockwise or to the right.

Step 9. Reinsert the tube cap and the drain tube.

Step 10. Close the filter cover.

Note : If the pump filter is clogged, the information code “5C” appears on the screen.

  • Make sure the filter knob is closed properly after cleaning the filter. Otherwise, this may cause a leak.
  • Make sure the filter is inserted properly after cleaning it. Otherwise, this may cause an operational failure or a leak.
  • Some pump filters feature a safety knob that is designed to prevent accidents by children. To open the safety knob of the pump filter, push in and turn it counterclockwise. The spring mechanism of the safety knob helps open the filter.

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