UTR Compressor in an Air-Conditioner

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

UTR Compressor basically stand for Ultra Tropical Rotary Compressor which is capable of delivering cool air in the hottest day almost instantly as you put it on. UTR Compressor maximizes the energy efficiency of Air-conditioner up to 10 % and at the same time lowers energy consumption. Also it can work under tropical condition i.e 54 tropical temperature.


Benefits of UTR Compressor :

1 High Torque Motor - Starting and Running.

  • Increases the Running torque.


  • It prevents the winding temperature from rising.
2 Longer Life.

  • The main components are made of extra durable materials and are specially coated to enhance the life of UTR Compressor.
3 Light Weight.

  • 30% lighter than reciprocating compressor. This makes easy maintenance of the compressor.
4 High-Efficiency Compressor.

  • 5-10 % higher EER over reciprocating compressors ensures increased energy efficiency and less power consumption.
5 Allows the maximum allowable discharge press.
6 High Performance Protector.
7 High Reliability Pump Parts.
8 Provides resistance to corrosion & reduces friction for heavy loads and moving parts.
9 Facilitates Lubrication in extreme conditions.
10 Helps in extending the life of the compressor and therefore the air-conditioner.



  • An Air-conditioner with a UTR Compressor is more efficient than an air-conditioner with a normal Compressor.


  • All the Samsung Air-conditioners are provided with UTR Compressor. 

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