What are the Benefits of 'HD Filter' in Samsung Air-conditioners?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

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With Samsung’s advanced Full High Density Filter, you can ensure your room is kept fresh and clean. The Full HD Filter offers improved filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean energised air.

Improved dust removability
Samsung's Full HD Filter creates cleaner air with outstanding dust collection due to new improved density of the filter.

Antibacterial Coating

Due to the stable structure of antibacterial coating, the filter does not get worn down by water. This complete protection of antibacterial filter ensures you breathe cleaner and fresher air for a longer period of time.

Easier and Carefree Filter Cleaning
All you need to do is simply wash out the dirt with flowing water to clean the filter. Always keep your air clean and fresh with the simple and easy care of the filter.

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