What are the Benefits of 'HD Filter' in Samsung Air-conditioners?

Last Update date : May 09. 2024

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With Samsung's advanced Full High Density (HD) Filter, you can ensure your room remains fresh and clean. The Full HD Filter offers improved filtration by capturing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and converting polluted air into clean, energized air.

Improved dust removability
Samsung's Full HD Filter effectively removes dust from the air, providing cleaner surroundings due to its increased filter density.

Antibacterial Coating

The filter features an antibacterial coating that prevents wear and tear caused by water exposure. This added layer of protection guarantees that you'll continue breathing cleaner, fresher air over an extended period of time.

Easier and Carefree Filter Cleaning
Maintaining your filter is effortless; simply rinse off dirt and debris using running water. By regularly performing this quick cleaning method, you'll maintain a clean and healthy environment within your home.

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