What is 'Mist Shower' in a Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Mist Shower



As if by magic, Mist Shower™ seamlessly dissolves detergent for cleaner, more efficient washing.

What is mist shower™?
A fine mist of water rushes down from two jets washing the detergent down, ensuring less residue on your fine fabrics. The strong currents created by Mist Shower™ technology, makes possible a cleaner and more effective rinse cycle in less water.

The advantages of mist shower :

Effective removal of detergent
● Wets the laundry at the beginning of the cycle to help spread the detergent evenly throughout the wash. This also safeguards your clothes from unsightly residue, while at the same time saving water.

Saves water, saves resources
● Mist Shower Technology reduces the amount of water necessary for effective rinsing by up to 20%. 

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