Why Water does not Dispenses in Samsung Door Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Here are the following reasons:


1. Verify neither door is open when trying to dispense, if the door is open the keep the dispenser shuts off.

2. Verify the Child Lock is not turned on this setting may also disable the dispenser. 

3. If the refrigerator has been recently installed, there may be air in the line. Hold the lever down for up to 5 min until water dispenses and then dispense 2-3 gallons to clear all the remaining air from the line.

4. To remove the water filter verifies the water is selected on the display panel, then attempt to dispense water.

5. If water is not dispensed even with the water filter removed, verify that the water supply to the home has not been shut off, and the water supply valve from the home to the fridge is open

Note: If the above steps have been performed, but water will still not dispense. Service is required.





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