Clean your Galaxy Buds

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020
Clean your Galaxy Buds

If you enjoy using your Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds+ often, you should make sure to clean and care for them regularly. Dust, earwax, and other debris can accumulate in the earbuds and make audio seem muffled, or could prevent the earbuds from charging correctly.

Information provided applies to devices sold in India. Available screens and settings may vary for earbuds sold in other countries.

Before wearing your earbuds, be sure to clean and dry the inside of each ear thoroughly. You should only wear the earbuds in dry conditions, and they should be clean before placing them in charging case.

1 Remove the earbud tip. Carefully slide off the earbud tip. To prevent damage, do not use force to detach the earbud tip from the earbud.
2 Clean the mesh and earbud tip. Use a cotton swab and dry brush to remove any debris and foreign materials from the earbuds and the earbud tip.
How to clean Galaxy Buds?
3 Wipe inside the earbud tip with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, earwax, or oil from the mesh part of each earbud receiver. Avoid using a metal or wire brush when cleaning the earbuds, as the harsh bristles may damage them.
4 Attach the earbud tip to the earbud. After cleaning is complete, properly assemble the earbud tip on the earbuds. Cover the latch at the bottom of the earbuds with the earbud tip.
  • When cleaning them, do not hold the earbuds upright, and do not use liquids like alcohol or soapy water when cleaning them to prevent debris or liquids from falling inside them.
  • There may be low or poor audio quality if debris and foreign materials build up in the earbud tip or on the mesh. When sweat or liquid is on the charging contacts, dry them thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth to prevent corrosion.

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