Galaxy S10: Using the Smart Pop-Up View

Last Update date : Sep 17. 2020

The Smart Pop-Up View feature is designed to allow selected applications to notify you when a new notification pop ups. Once you have enabled your selected apps and a notification comes through, the application will then be viewed as a chat head, where you can adjust the transparency of the Pop-Up WIndow as well as minimise and expand the window size.

1 Slide down the screen to access your Quick Settings and Tap on your Settingsicon.
Selecting Settings Icon
2 Select Advanced Features
Selecting advanced features
3 Tap on Smart Pop-Up View
Selecting smart pop-up view
4 Toggle on the applications you would like to be viewed in Smart Pop-Up View.
toggle on application to be viewed in smart pop-up
5 When a new notification Pops-up, the new Chat Head will appear on your Home Page.
Smart Pop-Up View

If you Tap on the Chat Head, you will be able to view the message and respond accordingly.

You also have the option adjusting the Pop-Up transparency, minimise the notification back to the chat head, view the message in full screen or close off the Pop-Up Window.
smart pop-up view message

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