How to Close the all recent apps in Tizen based Smartphones(SM-Z130H)?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

After using and exiting from the applications, some applications keep running in the background. To close the all Recent apps, follow these simple steps : 


CLICK HERE to know how to Close recent app in Tizen based smartphones ( SM-Z130H ).

CLICK HERE to know how to Access recent apps in Tizen based smartphones ( SM-Z130H ).


a). Long press the Home key to access all the recent apps.




b). Tap on Clear all icon to close all the recent apps as shown below :  




NOTE : Recent App list will display only icon and name of recently used applications. 


c). After tapping on Clear all, it will display No applications.  




NOTE : If you long press the home key and there is no app which was used recently then also it will display "No applications".



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