Know all about the Home screen of Samsung REX 90(GT-S5292)

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Samsung has come up with a feature packed phone Samsung REX 90 (GT-S5292) which gives world in your hands in low budget. With this device Samsung has re-launched their Proprietary Operating System with new feel and user interface that will blow away the users.  


Lets find out more on the Home screen of Samsung REX 90 :  




1). Notification Bar : User can access the following data through this notification area :

● Status of your SIM cards ( SIM1 , SIM2).
● Any new update on messaging, mails etc.
● It tells you the Battery Status.
● It shows the Mobile Operator Clock.
● It shows the strength of your Mobile network.

2). Movable Widgets : This is a customizable part of the home screen which user can access for Straight updates without going inside the settings of your phone. For example : A facebook widget will give you new notifications on the widget itself. This feature is dependent on the availability of Internet .

3). Shortcuts : A Samsung REX 90 user can personalize their home screen with different shortcuts for apps they use frequently. Please refer to the represenatation above for a clear picture.

4). Page Panel : Samsung REX 90 has 5 Pages on their home screen shown by the number of dots, that they can use for their convenience. 

5). Application Menu : These are the common apps on the lower part of the home screen that users can access in all the pages other than the home page. These apps can be edited but usually frequently used apps find their places in this area.   

To get a Complete Walk-Around of Samsung REX 90 , CLICK HERE 

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