What is Portrait Backdrop Feature ?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020


Portrait Backdrop is an effect created in which the Background of image is getting changed while capturing the image, resulting into a new scene to the existing foreground image.


It changes the background of a live focus image with 4 different effects: 


1 Crystal
2 Pixel
3 Time Slice
4 Crumbled


It has the facility to share the saved images and videos to any of the Social networking application like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.


Conditions to use Portrait Backdrop:


•  Single person in the scene with contrasting back ground in good lighting conditions.


•  Person should be within 1 meter distance from camera in upright position and Frontal Pose.


•  It will give better result if there is a distance between person and background.


•  No object should be available in front of the person. 

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