Using 'S-Note' Application in Samsung Smartphones.

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020




S-Note application is used to create a note using images and voice recordings. The S-Pen can be used to open S-Note. You can Double-tap the screen with the S Pen button pressed.  


There are many different templates that you can use depending on your needs. They are:


a) Note/Idea note/Memo: Create a simple note from an empty page.


b) Meeting note: Create a record of meetings, conferences, or lectures.


c) Magazine: Create a multimedia note by inserting multimedia files.


d) Diary: Create a photo diary.


e) Recipe: Create your own recipe.


f) Travel: Create a travel essay.


g) Birthday: Create a birthday card.


Below is the thorough explanation of each and every tools under Note/Idea Note/Memo template :  




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