Using Smart Lock on my Samsung phone

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Keep your device unlocked when it's safe with you. Smart Lock can do this by recognising signals, such as when your device is in your pocket, connected to a certain device using bluetooth or when you're home. Follow he below guide to learn how to set up and use Smart Lock on your Samsung phone or tablet.

1 Head into your Settings > Lock Screen
Settings > Lock Screen
2 Tap on Smart Lock then enter in your device passcode
Select Smart Lock

Smart Lock will only be available if your Galaxy device has a passcode set.

On-body Detection

Keep your device unlocked while it's on you. Just unlock it once and your device stays unlocked as long as it's in motion, such as when you're holding or carrying your device. Your devuce will lock when it detects that it's been put down.

1 Select On-body detection
Select on-body detection
2 Toggle on Smart Lock on-body detection
3 Read through the popup message then tap on CONTINUE. Once you have enabled this setting you will be able to use on-body detection.
Read message and tap on continue
Trusted Places

Add a location where you want you device to stay unlocked, this could range from your home address, work address or favourite hangout. In order to use Trusted Places, you will need to enable Location Services.

1 Select Trusted places
Select trusted places
2 Tap on Add trusted place
Tap on Trusted place
3 Search for a location you would like to add as a Trusted place
search for a location then tap on Select this location
4 Confirm the address then tap on Select
confirm the address then tap on Select
Trusted Devices

Add a trusted Bluetooth device to keep your phone unlocked when connected, this could include a Bluetooth watch or your car's Bluetooth system.

1 Select Trusted devices
Select trusted devices
3 Ensure you have enabled your Bluetooth settings, then select a bluetooth device you've already paired to
select a device to add
4 Read the popup message then tap on YES, ADD
Tap on YES, ADD

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