What is Page Buddy in Samsung Smartphones?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Page Buddy, a feature in Samsung Smartphones that creates context related, dedicated home screen pages. These pages will pop-up asking the user which tasks they would like to perform when an accessory is connected or removed. In addition to the tasks, the device will change the apps available in the favorites tray to the recommended apps based on the accessory.  

What is Page Buddy in Samsung Smartphones?

For Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, when S-Pen is detached from the device, a separate home screen is created. Similarly, Page Buddy will be created on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Grand when earphones have been connected.


Following are the actions performed when Page Buddy is enabled:


• An icon that represents page buddy will be added to the right side of the page indicator. 

• The page buddy will appear when you are on any of the home screen.

• The Page Buddy includes handy shortcuts at the bottom of the screen to relevant applications.

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