What is Samsung Recycling Program?

Last Update date : Apr 28. 2021
What is the Process to Drop-off my E-waste(Old) product?
What is Samsung's take back and recycling/e-waste program (STAR)?

Samsung's take back and recycling program (STAR) is an initiative launched by Samsung for eco-friendly recycling of e-waste.

How does the Samsung's take back and recycling/e-waste program work?

(A) PICK UP for all Samsung Products:


You can avail the pick up of your Mobile, Consumer Electronics or Home Appliances products (TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven products) by contacting Samsung call center or writing to ewasterecycling@samsung.com.
• Pickup will be done by authorized e-waste recycling partner.
• Product will be picked up from customer home.


• Pickup will be done free of cost.



(B) Fixed drop off locations:

(Carry-in product - Mobile, camcorders, camera, accessories etc.)


• Samsung has installed e-waste bins across India at its service centers.


• Customers need to drop the product in designated bins.


Check the Drop-off Location.

• Samsung doesn't provide any incentives or discounts for recycled products.

Where can I find drop off locations for my products?

You can visit Recycle Section of our site and find nearest e-waste collection point.


You need to select your state and city under the drop down menu to know the nearest collection point - 


Would the re-cycler provide any receipt or acknowledgement on pickup of any Consumer Electronics product/HHP product for recycling?

Yes, re-cycler will provide document named Material Procurement List and Form-6 to customer as acknowledgement of product pick-up.

Is pick-up service available for Carry In products all over India under E-waste program?

Yes, pick-up service is available all over India. Pickup time may vary depending upon your location.

Drop location and Dispose-off location is not mentioned for my City?

In case drop-off location is not available to your location, request to pick-up by calling Samsung contact center 1800 40 SAMSUNG (1800 40 7267864) or writing to ewasterecycling@samsung.com.

Whether Samsung will accept other brand consumer electronic products for STAR/e-waste program?

As part of its green initiative, Samsung will help consumer channelize his non-Samsung complete product.

Does Samsung provides pickup service for headset, charger or any other accessories of mobile product recycling?

Samsung provides pick-up of headset, charger or accessories purchased along with Samsung mobile product.

Will I get any proof of e-waste recycling? If Yes, what is time line?

Recycling certificate will be e-mailed to you within 30 days from the date of product pick-up.

How does Samsung ensure safe recycling of consumer electronics products and its components?

It is ensured by selecting re-cyclers who do not incinerate, send to solid landfill or export toxic waste (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definitions of hazardous waste) to developing countries. This is further enforced by ongoing audits and inspections of recycling operations and processes.

Do I have to pay for getting my electronics recycled ?

No, you do not have to pay any fee for recycling of Samsung electronic products sold/used in India.

Is there any monetary benefit/discount linked to this take-back and recycling program?

As of now there is no monetary benefit/discount linked to this program. The main benefit of this program is cleaner, safer and greener environment.

What are the negative effects of improper recycling and dismantling of old electrical & electronic items?

(i) If the material is not disposed in proper manner, then it may cause health risks and damage to environment.


(ii) Presence of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead etc and other toxic substances may pose risk to health and environment.


(iii) Hazardous substance like mercury in cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) in LCD TV, lead in CRT etc can cause serious harm to environment if directly exposed to the atmosphere.


(iv) Batteries contain hazardous elements which may affect the health & environment, if not disposed off properly.

How to safely handle the product while disposing off?

(i) Old defective product should be kept separately from other products.


(ii) Product should not be dropped in garbage bins containing municipal waste.


(iii) It should be handed over to manufacturer or authorized re-cycler for safe recycling.


(iv) Product should not be handed over to any re-cycler who does not have proper recycling facilities or authorization from government.

What are health hazards and effects on environment if the product is dismantled by the consumer themselves?

All electronic products are safe to use, but if consumer dismantles or breaks them, they might be exposed to health hazards due to the chemical substances present in the products, which further can pollute the environment.

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