which settings options are supported on the rear camera in samsung galaxy Tab-a?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

You can access the Rear camera Settings by tapping on the Settings icon on the preview screen of camera.  




Below mentioned are the options available in settings :

● Picture size : You can select resolution for your picture.


● Video size : You can set resolution for your video.  


NOTE : Higher resolutions result in higher quality photos, however they will take up more memory.

● Grid lines : Display viewfinder guides to help composition when selecting subjects.

● Location tags : Set the device to attach the location tag to the photo.

● Review pictures : Set the device to show photos after capturing them.

● Storage location : Select the memory location for storage.  


● Volume keys function : Set the device to use the volume button to control the shutter or zoom function.

● Reset settings: Reset the camera settings.


NOTE : The available options may vary depending on the shooting mode and which camera is being used.

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