Television: Distorted Sound Issue

Last Update date : Sep 20. 2022

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Attention : If even after following the procedures below, your problem is not resolved, please contact us via   WhatsApp so that we can quickly diagnose your device and help you in the best possible way.

Try the following troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing distorted sound from your TV:

1 The issue may be related to a particular channel or audio-video file. Try a different channel of play another video to check if this is the case.
2 Set TV volume between 50~60 & increase and decrease the volume from STB (Set Top Box) remote.
3 Perform the sound test to check the sound quality.

B Series: Home>Menu> Settings> All Settings> Support> Device Care> Self Diagnosis> Sound Test

A series: Home> Settings> Support> Device Care> Self Diagnosis> Sound Test


A) Press Home button from the TV remote then select Menu

TV remote

B) Select settings


C) Select All Settings on TV screen

All settings

D) Select Support option from the TV remote


E) Select Device Care, then select Self Diagnosis option

self diagnosis

F) Select Sound Test from the TV remote

sound test

G) After selecting the Sound Test, check whether sound is coming proper or not, if Yes then there may be a TV connections or settings issue.

sound test done
4 Check the input connections (HDMI/ AV/ Composite).

  • Disconnect and reconnect the cable from the TV and input source (Set-Top Box/ Blu-ray).
5 If distorted sound still persists, then reset the equalizer settings.

Path: Home> Settings> Sound> Expert settings> Equalizer


Note - Select Reset, all bar should be in middle.

equalizer settings
6 If problem still persists, reset the TV.

B Series:

Path: Home>Menu> Settings> All Settings> General & Privacy> Reset

Default PIN: ‘0000’


A Series:

Path: Home> Settings> General> Reset

Default PIN: ‘0000’

If you run into issues with your TV, try resetting it! Keep in mind that this will restore the TV to factory default settings, meaning it will reset settings such as picture, sound, and Smart Hub.

To reset your TV, first press the Home button on your remote to open Smart Hub. Next, using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to All Settings, and select it. Now, select General and Privacy, and then Reset. Enter in the PIN, and then select Reset once more. If you haven’t set up a PIN you can simply enter in the default PIN, 0000.

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