Smart TV: How to use voice command in TV using remote control ?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Using Voice Interaction:


Speak into the microphone on your Samsung Smart Remote to control your TV.

Steps to Run Voice Interaction:


Press and hold the voice command button on your Samsung Smart Remote, say a command, and then release the button. The TV recognizes the voice comma


To view the Voice Interaction guide, press the voice command button once:

•   When you press the voice command button for the first time, Voice Interaction button appears at the bottom of the screen. Press the Select button > Voice Interaction popup window appears.



Learn about Voice Command Guide:


You can learn the voice commands to use the Voice Interaction in various situations. Use the directional buttons to move to the desired command, and then press the Select button.You can operate the TV with various voice commands.


Precautions for Voice Interaction:

•   The supported voice interaction languages and features may differ depending on the geographical area.


•   If the language set differs from the language of your country, some features are not available.


•   Voice Interaction is available only when the TV is connected to the Internet.


•   Even if the TV is connected to the Internet, there may be no response due to a Voice Interaction server error.


•   The existing functional specifications may be changed if Voice Interaction is updated.


•   Voice Interaction is available only on TVs that support it and come with remote controls that have a microphone.


•   Symbols including "-" and special characters are not supported. Consequently, if a word or sentence contains numeric values or symbols, the function may not operate properly.


•   Searched results may not provide complete results.


•   You may be required to pay for some apps. Consequently, you may encounter a service application or contract.


•   To change the current channel by saying channel names as voice commands, you must finish Set Up Your Service Provider. If Set Up
Your Service Provider is not completed, you can complete it using the following menu.

       Navigate to Home > Click Start > Select Settings > Select General > Start Setup

•   To use the voice text input function and Smart search function, you must consent to provisions allowing third parties to collect
and use your voice data.

•    To use the Voice Interaction function, you must:

      a.  Agree to Smart Hub's Terms of Use

      b.  Agree to a guidance regarding the collection and use of personal information for the Smart Hub service.

      c.  Consent to the collection and use of personal information for the voice interaction-based service.


Requirements for using Voice Interaction:

•   The voice interaction rate differs with the volume/tone, pronunciation, and ambient sound environment (TV sound and ambient noise).

•   The optimal volume for voice commands is between 75 dB and 80 dB.

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