Use the Samsung TV e-manual

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

The e-Manual is an electronic manual found on your Samsung Smart TVs designed to help you navigate the TV menu, Settings, and connect other devices. It's an interactive guide, where you can directly open up menu options when you find what you're looking for in the manual.


There's an e-manual built right into most Samsung TVs, so you don't have to worry about Downloading a User Manual if you don't want to.


With the e-manual on your Samsung TV, you can navigate setting options easily, search for answers quickly and follow troubleshooting guides right on the TV screen to make it easier to get your TV set up exactly how you want it. You might even find features you didn't even know you had available!


Find the e-manual on a Samsung TV:

1 Press the MENU or Home button on your remote control.
2 Using the navigation keys on your remote control select Support and then press the Enter key.
3 Select e-Manual and press Enter. Select from the available options.
4 The default screen will display information on the Channel section. At the bottom of the page there is Index button, which will allow you to search for specific keywords related functions in an alphabetic order.

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