What are the available Screen Sizes to select in Samsung H series TV(UA40H6400)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

Most TV programmes and videos are displayed in full screen, but some programmes and videos are larger or smaller. You can change the Screen Size for such programmes and videos so that the picture fits the screen better.




Below mentioned are the available picture size on Samsung TV :


● 16:9 : Set the picture to the 16:9 wide-screen format.

● Wide Zoom : Magnifies the picture size more than 4:3. A magnified picture can be moved up and down.

● Zoom : Magnifies the 16:9 wide pictures vertically to fit the screen size. A magnified picture can be moved up and down.

NOTE : Zoom is not available when Picture Size set to Wide Zoom.

● 4:3 : Sets the picture to basic 4:3 mode.

● Screen Fit : Displays the full image without any cutoff.

● Smart View 1 : Reduces a 16:9 picture by 50%.

● Smart View 2 : Reduces a 16:9 picture by 25%.

NOTE : Supported screen sizes vary depending on the input signal.


Last Updated on: 01/04/2014

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